What If “When Harry Met Sally” Was a Feminist Lesbian Love Story? Emily Hashimoto Has the Answer with “A World Between”

“The trajectory with their partner or ex-partner and or friend or whoever is not linear; it’s, for some women, this big zig zagging: friends for five years, then date for ten years and then maybe be enemies for two years, and then you’re friends again… I felt like we don’t always see that in love stories.”

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The Dyke Kitchen: Defining Taste With Karen Tongson

Tongson’s personal cooking style relies on saving the ingredients or parts that traditionally, institutionally have less value — “something that you think is burdened by indignity, cheapness and trash” — and finding her own perfect application that proves otherwise. “Sometimes it is relevant to bring in the conversation that Nietzsche started, in relation to Britney Spears,” she says with a laugh.

News + Politics

Mary Bonauto, Lead Obergefell Attorney, on What Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Means for Marriage Equality

RBG’s death and ACB’s confirmation left a lot of LGBT folks reeling, wondering what Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation means for marriage equality. Are folks right to be worried? Yes, admits Mary Bonauto, the Civil Rights Project Director at GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and the lead attorney in Obergefell v. Hodges.


Creative Interviewing Creatives: Mila Jam Is the Artivist the World Needs Right Now

“Most production companies and organizations feel like they check off their list of requirements by having one of us in the room. We need more inclusivity in lead roles, as well as behind the scenes. There is a lack of positive representations of black trans women. Why are we not celebrating the accomplishments of a demographic of women that overcome extreme adversity? We are beyond prostitution. We are more than secrets.”


Creative Interviewing Creatives: “Asymmetrical Artist” Victoria Canal’s New EP Will Make You Feel Something

You may have heard Victoria’s recent single in a Nike campaign to promote their Jordan Flyease, a shoe designed for athletes with disabilities. Victoria just dropped her new project “Victoria”. She talks with me about what it means to be an “Asymmetrical Artist,” her shoe deal with Nike, an Academy Awards red carpet rendezvous, and her newest music release!

Politics + Activism

A Candid Conversation About Queers in the Labor Movement with Longtime Union Activists Miriam Frank and Desma Holcomb

In 1990, Miriam Frank and Desma Holcomb released Pride At Work, a booklet on organizing for gay and lesbian rights in the workplace. They spoke with Autostraddle about their lives, this “naughty little pamphlet,” and the future of queer labor organizing. Plus, for the first time ever, the full 100-page pamphlet is being released online – right in this post!