The Autostraddle Insider: Issue Ten, April 2015

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I'm not sure who started the thing where we all tell each other that your hair looks good today — but just for your reference, this is when our hair actually looked good:

Row 1, L to R: Carolyn, Carmen, Yvonne with her gf Gloria, Anna, Cee, Cecelia Row 2, L to R: Hannah, Mari, Alley, Lizz, Robin, Laneia Row 3, L to R: Rachel, Chelsey, KaeLyn, Audrey, Gabby & Laura Wooley, Tinkerbell Row 4, L to R: Nikki, Riese, Baby Maddie and her mom, Stef, Heather and her sister Jenn, Lydia

This past month has involved a lot of conversations about who we are and what we want to be in the wake of fierce competition and the flood of venture capital enabling every website besides ours to seek out and h...

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