Evan Rachel Wood is Bisexual, Toppy, Romantic, Will Pay For Dinner

Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual. She told Esquire Magazine all about it very recently so it’s a super big deal. I mean just google “Evan Rachel Wood bisexual.” She’s like the new Anna Paquin! Im going to type “Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual” a few more times. Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual.

No but really — I think we all could deduce, at least, that Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual had a fairly progressive view of gender after her on-again off-again and passionate long-term relationship with Marilyn Manson, who she told the press she liked because he wore eyeliner.

From the oh-so-tastefully-and-not-remotely-objectifying titled article “Evan Rachel Wood: A Guided Tour of a Woman We Love”:

“I love [Oh! You Pretty Things!]! I grew up in love with David Bowie.*”


She has a tattoo on her upper thigh to prove it, a heart with an Aladdin Sane lightning bolt.) “So I was always into very androgynous things. Guys, girls … I’m into androgyny in general.” She says this helps explain the appeal of her ex Marilyn Manson.

Later on in the interview:

“I’m up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl…”

This is the third such hint in the conversation, after that androgyny comment and saying she’d “marry” her Mildred Pierce costar Kate Winslet if she could.

You date women?

“Yes,” she says proudly, as if she was waiting to be asked.

Do you look for different things in men than in women?

“Yeah, I’m more kind of like the guy when it comes to girls. I’m the dominant one.” It’s with women, she says, that her inner North Carolina gentleman comes out: “I’m opening the doors, I’m buying dinner. Yeah, I’m romantic.”

We spent most of the day scratching our heads thinking that surely this isn’t the first time Evan Rachel Wood has mentioned being Bisexual. Were we confusing Evan Rachel Wood with the plethora of lesbionic characters played by Evan Rachel Wood? I mean, Evan Rachel Wood is right up there with Mischa Barton, Piper Perabo and Olivia Wilde, among others, as a frequently kissing other girls on the screen/teevee.

See back in 2007, Evan Rachel Wood told YRB Magazine:

“I’m not a lesbian, but I don’t think it’s weird or gross or anything. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m bisexual – I don’t sleep with women. But I definitely appreciate women and there have been times where I have been attracted to a woman,.”

“I’m not afraid of sexuality. I think too many people get called skanky or a whore just because they are sexual.”

She was 20 when she answered that question. Sometimes these celebrity self-outings — and our collective traceback to when they first broached the topic — are no different from our own stories. When we were younger many of us knew we were attracted to women but weren’t ready to let ourselves or the world know that we might sleep with them too. Then we broke up with our psychotic boyfriends and started looking for psychotic girlfriends. Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual is Just Like Us!

Clearly,here’s no day but today for an Evan Rachel Wood bisexual retrospective:

As straight but maybe bicurious teen Tracey Freeland in Thirteen (2003):


As lesbian teen Jessie Samier in Once & Again (2000):


As Kimberly Joyce in “Pretty Persuasion” (2005)



As Sophie-Anne Leclerq in True Blood (2010):



More importantly, Esquire reported that Evan Rachel Wood would like “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” played at her funeral, which is badass, but also somewhat alarming because I think Pink Floyd wrote that song for Syd Barret, who got really fucked up with drugs and was therefore much like a crazy diamond because he was like receding but also brilliant.

Anyhow hopefully Evan Rachel Wood will date a girl or something so we can become unnaturally obsessed with her every move. Ideally Lindsay Lohan, so we can multi-task.


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  1. not gonna lie, i knew this article to show up. also the fundraising is pretty rediculous! way to go!

    • Radiogirl

      Nope. I don’t watch it, and after seeing that clip I don’t think I will. O.O

    • I’m in a small minority amongst my group of peeps to not watch True Blood, but deathly pale naked guys just don’t cut it. I didn’t mind checking out Sooki in her waitress shorts though…*grin*

      By the way – Wait, did I miss something!?!? Is Anna Paquin bi!?!? Geezus, where the hell have I been…?

      • Bee

        Yes, she is bi. I think I read she’s been dating women for years and it wasn’t really that much of a secret. She came out in a PSA last year, maybe.

    • OMG you guys. You have to watch True Blood. Its sooo gay and campy and amazing!

      • maria

        Love true blood too! I also love it for it’s gay campy charm! And Lafayette rules. :)

    • I cannot watch even a minute of True Blood because the supposedly Southern accents are sooo bad. No one where I grew up sounded like Sookie.

  2. Debs

    “Ideally Lindsay Lohan, so we can multi-task”

  3. Radiogirl

    Soooo EVW is a femme top? Just my type!

    But I guess since she probs won’t call me, she should get a different girlfriend so we can all ooh and aah over the amazingness that would undoubtedly be.

  4. Money Penny

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m getting mixed feelings about her definition of androgyny.

    I never pictured Marilyn Mason as androgynous, he’s a rocker with make up. Like Kiss?

  5. Matilda Bailey

    i knew there was a reason I was fascinated with her since i was 15 :)

    • Juliepants

      Same here. And my track record with obsessions turning out to be lesbian/bisexual is pretty high.

      So now I’m just waiting for KStew to come out. Ha!

  6. lennie

    I like her and I will like her more if this is true. Some are saying that she just said that to get attention (which is hopefully not true).

    I think that Autostraddle is the best site I’ve ever been. I am always reading your posts at work and I think this things in Autostraddle are not ridiculous.

    • Turkish

      I hope it’s not true either but I guess it’s easy to see why some may think that. Rarely do these high-profile women ever go on to date other women which gives credence to their claims that these women do it for the attention. The only one off the top of my head I can think of that actually does date women is Lohan. Evan Rachel Wood at least has the fact going for her that she’s played gay in more projects than the likes of Barrymore, Jolie, Fox and Paquin. So that’s something.

  7. Chris H.D.

    She has been particularly girl crazy for over 6 months now. With the interview out there, it will be intriguing to see if she is less reticent about being seen with hot female dates.

  8. okay. okay you guys. i need to use capitals for a moment. please. i will try to keep it brief.


    oh god, i think i knew this all along. this is excellent, excellent news. fuckyes for childhood gaydar!

    • I had not seen that movie before so I checked it out in IMDB, and it looks like a seriously cute movie. Put it in my Netflix que. Thanks for mentioning. Its one of my favorite things about AS and the people here, I’m always checking out fun things I have never seen before. Love ya.

    • Holy Eff! I remember that kid from the middle, 7th Heaven boy? Minor crush on him back in the day… I was actually just wondering if he ever did anything else besides that TV show.

    • KayDee

      YES! LITTLE SECRETS. I watched it everyday for like two years and cried EVERY TIME SHE FELL OFF THE ROOF. And then I moved onto thirteen.

      I’ve been so madly in love with her for like, 12 years or something.

        • missy

          *catches terracottatoes’ feelings*

          can i ask, though, wtf is it with gals and falling off/jumping from roofs? (re; “lost & delirious”)

          DON’T JUMP! #loveislouder #itgetsbetter #stayalive

      • Little secret seemed familiar, but I couldnt remember if I had seen it or not until the mention of her falling off the roof, then I remembered!

        still, downloading to see again.

  9. lennie

    I liked her when I watch “across the universe”.

  10. Explains why I thought she was so hot in True Blood. Seems like the main word that comes to mind to describe her is “tigress”. She can prowl around my bed anytime.

  11. I love the True Blood books but couldn’t even get thru season 1 of the series! *sigh*! But Evan is HOT so maybe I’ll pick it back up again JUST for her!!

    • I had to use the damn search engine to go all the way back here and figure out why Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual.

      It feels a bit like building a time machine and successfully traveling back to exciting times like ancient Greece or the medieval era, when murder through poisoning and thinking the Earth is flat were still a thing.

      Only, way more exciting.

  12. Paper

    At first, I thought “Yes, I know, isn’t it awesome?”
    Then I realized that I did, in fact, not know.
    It is awesome, though.

  13. stef

    sometimes i just need a woman’s touch.

    • original title of this piece: “Evan Rachel Wood is bisexual, Sometimes Just Needs a Woman’s Touch” but then thought, what if nobody gets it? and here we are

      • i’m just so glad that movie will finally get its chance to truly shine. it’s so underrated.

  14. what I have learned in life – any girl with an aladdin sane lightning bolt tattoo is at least somewhat queer. example: me

    • c_loan

      fun fact: if you google image search “aladdin sane lightning bolt evan rachel wood”, Rachel K’s avatar photo-thing pops up in the first few rows of pictures with a link to this article. search engine optimization at work?

  15. Chair

    There is definitely not enough EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL in this article. I mean, how else are you going to go from 2nd to 1st page in the EVAN RACHEL WOOD google search results ?! EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL ALL THE WAY PEOPLE !

  16. somehow i never really processed that her first name is evan


    • holy shit, i didnt either. until just now. my word, thank you Rachel!

  17. Oh GAWD she’s hot. Unfortunately I’m also dominant/toppy so the power struggle would ruin it for me. LIKE I WOULD EVER HAVE THAT CHANCE ANYWAY


  18. she talks like she’s a pro at dating girls.
    who the hell are these damn lucky girls that she’s been dating, and where do i sign up to be one?!


  19. annie

    I am ridiculously excited about this. EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL. Now she just needs to fall madly in love with me. No problems there.


    I just felt like joining in with the all caps fun

  21. cancellous


    but can i just say that my first thought after reading the title of this post was that i still don’t know who amber heard is and now i gotta find out who the hell EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL is?

    • i hope you’re joking. otherwise i am very sad for you. sexy ladies who like ladies! come on!


    • Just fyi, EVAN RACHEL WOOD is her stage name, her full name is EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL.

  22. Erin

    Ah, my dreams have come true. Evan is hot.

  23. e

    i have no special feelings for her other than the automatic ones i get for saucy red heads. but, just to help out: EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL

  24. Adee

    adding to her lezBIonic list of films: The Wrestler

  25. In my entire life I’ve only been told I look like two people (doppelganger week is so hard, #firstworldproblems), one is Evan Rachel Wood; my existence is now validated EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL

      • Jenny Owen Youngs, who only looks vaguely like Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual and who may/may not be bisexual… it’s a confusing world

  26. Lucia

    EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL explains why I liked Pretty Persuasion so much. I really liked that movie, EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL.

  27. geniicucullati

    Did someone say


  28. AnneMarie

    This is like..I mean..WOW.

  29. EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL is a long standing love of mine. We broke up for a while when she was dating my mortal enemy gross Marilyn Manson but then True Blood and everything’s fine now.

    Side note: True Blood is campy and crazy and hypersexualized to the point where it’s not remotely sexy anymore. Especially season 2. But I got interested in season three when everything got really gay. I always thought biting was hot, especially from a hot queer vampire, but actually seeing the blood did take some getting used to.

    But back to the love of my life EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL. I heard this I was so sure she was queer prior to this that I swore I knew already. And it would be awesome if she could date Lindsay and then Nikki Reed could come out with Kristen Stewart and they could date and then the four of them could double.

    • Your last paragraph is basically my celebrity dream foursome.
      Throw in Mary Kate (shut up, I know she’s straight, just let me dream here, since the others are obviously megagay) or Jenny Lewis (same deal) and I die.

  30. holeybubushka



    Hello, childhood crush. I loved her in Once and Again and then in Thirteen but after that I lost track of her. hmm, I might have to give true blood a chance.

  32. alice

    i admit, i watch true blood just for anna paquin. :p when even rachel wood was on it, i was in heaven! YUM! my 2 fave smokin’ hot girls…

  33. cait-o

    did anyone see Chelsea Lately last night?? EVAN RACHEL WOOD BISEXUAL was the guest, and when asked about her current romance, got squirmy, pronoun-less, and would only admit to being “satisfied.”

    I was a bit surprised since she’s out and all–do you think her hesitation was PR related??

    • I wouldn’t know without seeing actual video… shame there doesn’t seem to be any…yet

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