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Pop Culture Fix: What if Evan Rachel Wood Is Playing Elsa’s Girlfriend in “Frozen 2”?

Also: She-Ra reboot pictures finally, a new teaser trailer for Doctor Who, Cher and Meryl Streep smooching for some reason, Renee Montoya’s in Margot Robbie’s Birds of Prey, that damn Heathers reboot won’t die, Keira Knightley playing bisexual legend Colette, and I literally have no idea what this not-gay gay movie is with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick.

Arts + Pop Culture

Pop Culture Fix: Evan Rachel Wood’s Queer Thriller “Allure” Is Streaming Now If You Wanna Get Real Dark Today and Other Stories

Evan Rachel Wood talks to OUT about how her own experiences with abuse informed her role in “Allure,” VIDA kicks ass at SXSW and promises brown butch visibility, Kate McKinnon’s new spy movie, Eurovision’s Saara Aalto comes out as a lesbian and so many more important lesbian and bisexual pop culture stories!

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Also.Also.Also: Wait, Evan Rachel Wood Smells Like a Forest Floor and Other Stories for Your Day

Ok I was already onboard the Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual train, so this is almost too much. Additionally, we have an art project, complaining about voicemail, the perfect love song, biodiversity in food, Deadpool talk, St. Vincent covered this one song in a super sexy way, a Bronx lesbian activist you need to know, and other cool chill things for your brain!