No Filter: Evan Rachel Wood In The Kitchen With The Turkey Baster

Welcome back to No Filter, in which we peruse the week’s bounty in queer celebrity Instagram and feel better about our own lives. This week, someone posited that Heidi Klum and Scary Spice might be an item, which is news only my father would be interested in (and I’m not telling him). In other news, here are some headlines from the week in Journalism:

Don’t go looking for this actual article, it’s a mess.


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Brittani Nichols and this muppet are here to intimidate you.

My brother caught me basting the turkey first thing in the morning in my pajamas. #happythanksgiving ?

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Did ERWB celebrate Thanksgiving in a giant animal onesie? Y/N?

No filter @emmaroberts ??and my love #holland taylor

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Emma Roberts got to sandwich her way in between our favorite couple of the year and is flashing her best “Surprise, bitch!” smile.


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New lil tat ?? guess what my other tat says it's on my hip;)

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Forever winner of the Thirst Games Bella Thorne got “Bite Me” tattooed on her hip, which is something alright.

Alaina posted this photo to the Vapid Fluff channel and asked if it counts and I think it counts. Also, nice work on the pie.

Today’s a weird day for America but our teeth are good so there’s that!

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Gaby Dunn had a weird week. I think we all did.

31st Birthday Self-Portrait With Partial Toilet

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It’s Mallory Ortberg’s 31st birthday, which means they’re a Sag (which makes a lot of sense) and also means that at 34, I have accomplished nothing with my life. Also, excellent color palette situation.

new ride ?

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When your motorcycle keeps telling jokes.

Join us next week for more women laughing alone with motorcycles.

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