Evan Rachel Wood Wears A Goddamn Tuxedo To The Golden Globes, Everyone Faints

The Golden Globes are here again, an annual celebration of a bunch of television shows and movies I haven’t watched and probably won’t watch but will pretend to know a lot about when the Oscars roll around. On the red carpet, stars arrived in droves to gush to the press about their gowns and general excitement – and then there’s Evan Rachel Wood.

Evan arrived on the red carpet wearing a custom Altuzarra tuxedo and a motherfucking cravat, an homage to the androgynous stylings of Marlene Dietrich and David Bowie (who would have been 70 years old today). The openly bisexual star has worn a lot of flattering suit situations recently, both on red carpets and on late-night talk shows promoting her excellent HBO show Westworld (which got fucking robbed tonight), but this ensemble was truly next level.

“This is my third nomination and I’ve been to the Globes six times,” Wood told Ryan Seacrest. “I’ve worn a dress every time, and I love dresses! I’m not trying to protest dresses! But I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew they aren’t a requirement. And that you don’t have to wear one if you don’t want to, and to just be yourself because your worth is more than that.”

Unfortunately, Wood did not receive an award this year for her performance as sentient robot Dolores, but she did look like this:

So in a way, we all won, you know?

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  1. I wore a tuxedo to my middle school graduation (9th grade). I wish I could say I looked even 1/100th as cool or confident as that, but I most definitely didn’t.

    It also mysteriously took me 25 more years to admit that I like girls, which is crazy, because I’m pretty sure wearing formal menswear on occasions when a dress is expected is code for “I’m queer”.

  2. This is the kind of breaking news I want and need. That gif set is setting fire to my heart ?

    • Yes, so much this! They could make her bisexual of course! But, also have her have a steamy scene on the beach, say in the French Riviera, with a bond girl(obviously in a way not for the male gaze) talking feminism within the spy community.

      • I’m pretty sure I have to stop everything and sit down to write this novel/screenplay now. Give me a second while I channel my inner Fleming.

  3. Stef it’s time to confess that i’ve been coming back to this article and these gifs all day during my work breaks. It’s just giving me motivation, you know? Like. “ugh work is hard today/ OH Evan Rachel Wood exists, all is right in the world!”

  4. yeah I’m gonna need to know where that gif set came from. is there a video of this momentous event?

  5. You guys I think it’s important to point out that when you google image search “evan rachel wood fingerguns gifset golden globes,” literally the second pic that comes up is Erin with her topknot. The straddleverse must be expanding.

    • And half of the older images that come up near top are from Autostraddle. We are apparently at the core of the internet for Evan Rachel Wood and/or fingerguns.

    • Now I am wondering if you google image searched that after reading this article with the hope of finding even more evan rachel wood fingerguns gifsets. And did you?

      • I wanted to find the source! :-) Because I need that gifset in every facet of my life and I don’t know anything about gifs and like if I save it from here is it still a gif? (If a gifset is posted in the woods is it still a gif?)

  6. don’t get me wrong, ERW looks fantastic.and that gifset is awesome. Still, I think your headline should read, “ERW wears a goddam tuxedo to the golden globes, and everyone forgets Janelle Monae has been doing this for the entirety of her career.”

  7. Someone finally asked a woman on the red carpet more than *who she was wearing so now it’s groundbreaking to wear a suit instead of a dress? Wtf. Many woman have been looking amazing in suits and proving dresses aren’t required on the red carpet for years! I mean yeah ERW looks AMAZING, but did everyone forget Janelle Monae, Melissa Etheridge, Ellen Page, Ellen Degeneres, Alison Bechdel, KD Lang, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kendrick, etc?

    • oh no, lots of people have worn suits before and looked amazing, last night included; this post was a simple ode to evan rachel wood and the world’s sexiest orchestra.

    • Sigh. Every article on the internet, always:



      (Nothing against you, Rikki. And Janelle Monae is freaking amazing.) But like, when did we start judging all sentences that anyone writes on the internet as, like, mutually exclusive to any other possible sentence that someone could write on the internet?

    • I had no idea so many women wore suits to the awards shows! They are suddenly more interesting to me. Do you have links?

    • ERWB is possibly my favourite Straddlism, though I wonder if it needs to be expanded to Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual Finger Guns.

  8. Please let Kristen Stewart be thinking, “EVR, I see your Golden Globes tuxedo and raise you one Oscars frock coat.” (She’s invited to the Oscars, right?)

  9. This makes me wish I looked half as cool when I wore a tux as the drum major of my high school marching band. They wanted to put us in ball gowns, but how the hell was I supposed to conduct in one of those?

  10. the suit is lovely but i wish autostraddle & other outlets mentioned that queen of my heart octavia spencer also wore a really hot suit! and velvet heels to boot — eonline.com/photos/19686/2017-golden-globes-red-carpet/735666

    i also tbh think it’s a little disingenuous for evan rachel wood to say she wants to offer girls another option other than a dress, and still show up with makeup and heels — dgmw, i love me some makeup and heels, but it sounds like she’s claiming her clothing as a political statement that doesn’t add up (at least to me!)!

    • It doesn’t need to add up to you. It sounds like you already have your personal image and/or knowledge of options set. Her target audience seems to be young women who probably are searching for that statement or sense of self, and aren’t necessarily trying to eschew traditional femininity (i.e. make-up and heels). Formal can mean something other than dresses.

      I don’t think she’s trying to speak for every identity or shade of gender expression or even say what she’s doing is original or groundbreaking. She’s just participating in subverting the dominant regime. Good for her (and us).

  11. I come back here from time to time just to check if it’s really true and remind myself that there still are beautiful things in this world.

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