Anonymous Sex Toy Review: The Je Joue Ooh Will Revolutionize Your (Toy) Box


Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys.

This week, one of our anonymous reviewers tried out the Je Joue Ooh, a brand new sex toy line sent to us by Babeland.

I made you this gif

I made you this gif

Every so often a sex toy comes along that changes the way people think about sex toys. The Je Joue Ooh line is like that.

The concept behind Ooh is simple: the most expensive part of a vibrating sex toy is the motor. Why not separate the motor from the body, make the bodies interchangeable, and sell everything individually?

First, it’s really exciting that the Ooh makes owning more types of toys more financially viable. Clit vibrator, penetrative vibrator, cock ring and motor total $140, while buying Je Joue’s similar toys sold completely, say the Mimi, Uma and Mio, would cost $313. Second, it also makes owning more toys environmentally friendly — if the motor dies, you only have to replace part of the system, rather than tossing the whole thing. As properly treated silicone does not degrade, this means that your sex toys could last a very long time. (As long as Je Joue keeps making the motor for them, anyway.)

There’s also a fun IKEA sort of element to assembling your own sex toy, with none of the frustration of actual IKEA.

To put together a toy, you just slip the motor into the body. There’s a control button on each side of the motor, so it doesn’t even matter what way it goes in. It’s easy to do in the dark or if you’re not paying attention, and since it’s adding another step to just grabbing a different sex toy from the drawer, that’s essential. When assembled, each toy has only one button, which is easy to feel (and therefore to use) without looking, though it also lights up red when in use. To disassemble, you squeeze the arrows on each side of the toy and the motor pops out. (I tried to do this accidentally on purpose during use and it didn’t work, so I don’t think there’s much risk of it happening totally by accident.) The motor has five settings, with three levels of vibration along with a steady wave pattern and a steady pulse pattern.

How strong the (USB-rechargeable) motor feels varies by what body it’s in. Inside the pebble, by far my favorite of the line so far, I found the vibration rumbly and relatively strong, a combination that I honestly was not expecting, particularly from a smaller vibrator. Inside the longer classic model, the vibrations were more diffused, and as a result to me less exciting. (I also found the body of the vibrator to be a little small for my personal taste in penetrative play, though I think the size will broadly appeal to non-size-queens.) The cock ring, which consists of a stretchy softer ring with a hard body/motor socket, was a middle ground — stronger than the classic vibrator, but not as targeted and so not as strong as in the pebble. (I also found the ring, despite its stretch, only fit over some of my silicone dildos, and was especially difficult to put on before I thought to add water-based lube, which again might have had more to do with my usual toys and less to do with the ring itself.)

I found myself wishing the motor’s highest setting went just the tiniest bit higher. Immediately after charging, it’s just strong enough, but after using it for a while, I find myself reaching for something else. Still, the vibrations are deliciously rumbly,

The bodies of the toys are a firm silicone, which has a smooth, soft texture without being sticky. Unlike other textures of silicone, you can set them down on a clean surface without returning five minutes later to find them covered with dust you didn’t even know was there. I’m also going to mention the color palette, which is excellent: though there are a few pink and purple shapes, others are yellow, red, light or dark blue, orange or turquoise. When assembled with the motor clicked into place, the toys are waterproof, though the manual also recommends not leaving them submerged for long periods of time. This made me a little wary but, in the shower at least, I have not yet been electrocuted. Disassembled, you can completely submerge the body in water in order to clean it. The dream of a dishwasher-safe vibrator has been realized. (Just make sure everything is totally dry before using the motor again.)

Right now, the motor is $50, and can pair with the classic vibrator ($40, pink or red), vibrating pebble ($25, yellow or pink) or cock ring ($25, mint or navy). Je Joue is also planning to release a mini motor, mini vibrating pebble, mini cock ring and mini butt plug, in January, along with a regular-sized rabbit vibrator. A g-spot vibrator and simultaneous g-spot and clit vibrator will come out this spring.

If you want to build or expand your collection, or if you want a regular vibrator with just a bit more rumble, JeJoue Ooh toys are an excellent way to go about it.

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  1. Thanks for the review! These look great, and I’ll definitely keep the line in mind when I’m looking for a sex toy. I love the color options.

  2. this is the future my sexy bits never knew they’d get. $140 for essentially 3 really well made sex toys? sign me up.

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