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Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Starsi Vibrator

“Oh my god, I just remembered — I put Starsi on my crotch and my partner straddled me and it honestly felt like I was an alien and we ALMOST kind of did role play?? Even though we’re NOT into that. But I was like, what if you got abducted and had sex with the alien and they had vibrating genitals!!!”

Sex + Relationships

Anonymous Sex Toy Review: Unbound’s Puff Suction Vibe

“I thought the suction would somehow mimic a human mouth — well, the mouth of an individual who knows that a little light sucking can go a long way. It’s not like that at all — it’s way better. If there is a human who has a mouth that can do what Puff does, please send them my way as soon as fucking possible.”

By | September 8, 2020