A+ Podcast Episode Three: April 2015

Spring is here and with it brings sunshine, flowers, patio lounging and this A+ podcast! This time around we're declaring our love for our favorite movies, artists, authors and actresses. In this love letter episode KaeLyn talks being a diehard fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and how it helped her process her queerness and Maddie talks about finally falling for Tegan and Sara way after she came out. Carmen and Brittani are back in a special episode of A Plus B and Lil C where they discuss everything Drake and Mey talks about her love for Harriet Hayes, aka Sarah Paulson's character on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Both our podcast producers join us in this episode with Julia bringing you her ode to science fiction writer James Tiptree Jr., which is actually Alice Bradley Sheldon's pen name, and Samara honoring Liza Minnelli.

This episode was produced by Julia Wetherell. You can listen right here or download it. Lots of good stuff in this podcast so get into it!

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