This Binder is Magic: A Gushing Review of the GC2b

You need to know that this binder exists. It’s called GC2b and here is a thing from their about page:


GC2b is proud to be the very first gender-affirming apparel company that is trans-owned & operated. Since 2014, founder & CEO Marli Washington has been using his experience as a trans man of color to design binding options that are safe, accessible & comfortable, including people of all shapes, sizes & colors. 

You also can’t get very far into their page without the giant “Made in the USA” crossing your gaze, so if you’re into domestic goods and creating awesome jobs in the United States, this is a plus. But I digress. Let me tell you about this binder.

I first met the idea of this unicorn of a binder via this tweet, retweeted by K. Copeland (of Find Chaos and Chaos Life):

Naturally, I was both intrigued by and a little skeptical of the claim “perfect chest binder,” but since I was happy with literally none of the binders in my dresser drawer (seriously. None. And the one I’m happiest with is so old and frayed that it really needs to go), I decided I would purchase said “perfect” chest binder because it was also only $33. In fact, their most expensive binder is $35. So there’s that.

Yesterday, my binder came in a flat, nondescript little package that fit into our tiny mailbox. I tried it on, prepared for the Battle of the Binder — this is my name for all the pinching, squeezing and general discomfort that most binders bring me, a person of large yabos. Usually, I wind up with weird red marks on my shoulders and under my arms because the average binder is like I WILL HUG THE LIFE OUT OF YOU and by hour four of wearing a binder, I’m in a notoriously bad mood even though you’re supposed to be able to wear a binder for eight hours. That is how it normally goes.

Anyhow, I put this binder on, and after the initial struggle that always comes with putting on a thing that fits as tightly as binders should fit, I felt — nothing. The binder felt like nothing. THE BINDER FELT LIKE NOTHING, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Not only was no part of wearing it uncomfortable, it actually did its job. I did not know that this was possible in the realm of physics. This must be made of unicorn hair or something — seriously, it’s not made of that normal itchy meshy stretchy fabric, it actually feels nice against your skin. Or maybe it’s not magic — maybe it’s just actually been designed for us? That’s pretty magic though, if you ask me.

What I learned from taking photos with the self timer is to never again take photos with the self timer. But look at this magic flat chest, y'all!

What I learned from taking photos with the self timer is to never again take photos with the self timer. But look at this magic flat chest, y’all!

That was the first thing I noticed. The second thing I noticed was that this binder, the magic binder, has a neckline low enough to accommodate a v-neck tee shirt. Before getting too excited, I ran to my dresser to grab my Autostraddle This tee-shirt. This is my “test this binder” tee shirt because I actually usually can’t wear it à la binder without some serious adjusting and unattractive shirt maintenance tugging throughout the day because you can generally see the binder rising over the deepest part of the “v.” I put it on and, lo. The binder was totally invisible.

I proceeded to dance around my bedroom. I wore it for the rest of the day, even reading in bed with it to see how it did when my body was a little contorted and yup. Still the most comfortable damn binder I’ve ever worn.

A few notes on size: I was on the cusp between large and extra-large; my chest measurement was 38, so I went with the larger size, XL. On my next order (and there will definitely be a next order), I think I’m going to go with a large because my body fluctuates wildly depending on my relationship to my menstrual cycle that given day. If you are unsure about your size, though, the awesome people behind GC2b welcome emails with your measurements and questions.

Also, how did I not know about this? Is this a thing literally all other people who use chest binders knew about and I am (once again) just the last to jump on the train? Did you all know about GC2b? If you did, why in Lesbian Jesus’s name didn’t you tell me about it??????

From the GC2b website, where everyone should go right now.

From the GC2b website, where everyone should go right now.

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  1. I discovered these yesterday on reddit! Waiting till payday to order, but I’m still super stoked!

    • Okay, so it’s not something everyone has known about for a zillion years? This is comforting. Happy Pay Day!

  2. Hi Ali, do you consider yourself “two- gendered”? My ex gf thought she was….and she wore a binder. And I ask with respect to discussing the topic of gender identity and feelings of being not what our body forces us to seem to others!

  3. Oh and there are binder undies for us transfemales too!! :) But as I showed on my tumblr, I don’t really need one. I can actually push it up inside and it disappears, it has become so teeny. I taped it down after I pushed it up inside then took a photo with it taped inside. As a girl, I think it is pretty hilarious.

  4. I only recently heard about them! Kind of regretting buying my Underworks one back in January RIGHT BEFORE everyone in my corner of the internet started talking about how great GC2b is. (I, too, wind up pretty cranky after 4 hours–sore back and ribs, chafing, overheated, and generally uncomfortable.) I definitely want to try out one of these!

    • Right before I ordered this, I ordered THREE UNDERWORKS BINDERS. Ugh. And none of them fit me quite right. I’m sure they’re perfect for someone, but that someone isn’t me.

      What I’m saying is, I feel you Lisa. I feel you on this one.

      • Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much for this – was on the fence about ordering gc2b because my underworks one was scratchy and uncomfy but will order now!!!

  5. Sounds very promising! Might have to look into it. I’ve been thinking about trying a binder for a while, but have thus far been put off by worries about being uncomfortable etc.

    • Yeah, I was SHOCKED at how comfy this one was. Like, I didn’t know it was possible in the realm of physics. Reality seems to bend around this binder.

    • The binder I got from gc2b is ridiculously comfortable even after several hours of wearing it (and works much better than I thought it would). I definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about trying a binder.

  6. The gc2b are pretty new. I used the velcro adjustable binders from Les Love Boat (Double Design Co) for about three years before finally deciding to get top surgery. If you are butch and you bind, you may want to consider top surgery as a way of dealing it-best thing I ever did (after binding, after sport bras, after not looking at my chest in a mirror for years… ).

    • This is a nice thought, except that top surgery is not always accessible (financially or otherwise) for anyone who wants it. Please bear in mind that your experience being able to access a surgery you desired is extremely privileged before acting as if it is an option for just anyone who seeks it.

      • Chill, PhD. It was only a suggestion. I think it’s fairly obvious that not everyone can afford top surgery, but perhaps those of us who can’t can, at least, begin /saving/ for it so that we can afford it a few years down the line. I don’t think setting aside however much money per month, even if it’s just a few bucks, comes from a place of privilege. Sure, maybe Jamie could afford it out-of-pocket all at once, whereas I can’t, but I still don’t feel the need to needle her for her comment and immediately wax poetic about privilege and what considerations the OP should and shouldn’t have made when making a simple statement.

  7. I have two of these (shipped to Canada surprisingly fast, too) and they are the best binder I’ve had! I still sometimes use my flimsy little ebay tank top binders but the gc2b tank has helped me totally phase out my full length underworks which were causing me all kinds of health problems.

    I like a full length binder because it messes with my dysphoria when I feel like I’m wearing a sports bra, and these are a good solution for me because they come all the way down without actually binding more than the chest area.

    The staff is also really great about helping you with sizing concerns and returns!

    • If it helps, the half-binder doesn’t feel to me like a sports bra. It feels to me like a…binder? IDK, it’s always been a queer piece of clothing to me, and totally unrelated to bras of any kind at all.

      • I’ve tried a few different styles of half binder and they just don’t work psychologically for me personally, but I sure didn’t mean to suggest everyone felt the same way. It’s great that so many people are excited about that option from gc2b! And, as a fan of the longer style, I am very happy that my new binder doesn’t compress and hurt my stomach/hips. So comfy!

    • How many days did it take to ship to Canada? my order is time-sensitive and I’m a little worried.

  8. I got suuuuuuuuper excited about this then I remembered I had top surgery almost exactly a year ago haha!
    Still super stoked about this though! Like, IT’S MADE FOR US WITH US IN MIND THAT’S SO AMAZING <3
    Maybe I'll get one for a babyqueer I know as a present…

    • I highly recommend this as a prezzie for a baby queer—but they’ll get spoiled by such an amazing binder, is the only downside I can see. :0)

  9. I have no male feelings for women. I need to be loved like you do….. as I am in my heart and mind…. not because of the body I was born into. Do you know how sad it makes me feel to have to plead for you to understand? That I need the love and touch that you do?

      • Hi Heather…. sure, I’ m fine. Just frustrated because I can’t be loved as the transfemale lesbian I am because of the prejudice about being born with “male parts”…..Its like everyone is totally ignorant of what it means to have female gender ! Your gender identity rules your whole body and how you feel and love !
        But I know the prejudice is deeply ingrained in many women who do not understand that social constructs of our birth body is a stereotype label which does not apply to many, many people in the world!

        I hope things are good with you!!

        • I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve got some translezzy friends in the same boat. You’ll find someone who loves you for you, don’t give up! :)

    • I don’t know that it gets me flatter or even as flat as underworks (although the long-suffering people I’ve forced to watch me compare them say they can’t tell the difference) but I do know that this one compresses in a way that prevents things from spilling out the armpit holes and thus guards against the dreaded “sports bra boob” thing that sometimes happens with underworks?

      I guess it’s important to remember that this company is so new that nobody can really comment yet on whether this binder ages as well or retains its elasticity as long as underworks does?!

    • For me, it’s better compression—the underworks one give me this weird side-boob thing, and this one doesn’t. But it’s way different—almost like the compression comes from the actually shape of the garment rather than it’s elasticity?

  10. Oh! This is exciting. I will have to check what shipping is to the UK. I’ve never tried a binder and even though I occasionally get chest related dysphoria I always assumed it was never an option for me because I’m fairly busty.

    But this sounds extremely promising. I’m going to have to look into this :)

    • Shipping was my first thought too! I thought I’d seen these on Amazon UK but I checked and no luck.

    • I don’t know about the UK, but a half-top to Germany came at 44.25 us$. You can just check on their website though!

  11. Is it wrong to ask why all of you want to bind your breasts? I know why I want to hide my penis. Because a female doesn’t have a penis, but having cute breasts would be great!!

    • My favorite body to inhabit was my preadolescent self, having a fully functional vulva and no breasts. Breasts have been an annoyance from their first appearance, partly because society sexualizes breasts in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I wish I could get rid of them. Minimization is the next best choice.

    • Not everyone who has breasts wants them. AFAB genderqueer and nonbinary people, transmen, butch lesbians, and others often want to bind to minimize dysphoria, fit better in their clothes, express their gender identities, or just all around feel better about themselves.

      • Thanks for replying! I assumed it might be about gender identity feelings, or not feeling comfortable with how others perceive them because of their breasts. I totally understand how it feels to have one’s feelings misperceived because of body parts!

        • And I decided to add a self photo of my body to my tumblr photos to show all of my female body, instead of just my other parts. And I am ALL female despite what my body looks like!!

      • lots of female-identified cis women wear men’s clothing, and men’s clothing isn’t designed with room for breasts. so in addition to a lot of the reasons mentioned here, a lot of people (like ali!) who don’t have dysphoric or otherwise complicated gender feelings get binders just ’cause it makes their shirts fit better.

        • Riese, have you read Judith Butler? Her thoughts redefine gender identity. And being “male gender” does not mean wanting to have a male body! Gender is performative, not about body! Performative….. like.. dressing , and what you like to do, and other Performative activities.

        • Riese, do you understand how chauvinist it it is for YOU to speak for Ali?
          About Ali and her breasts?
          I think Ali is beautiful and sexy if she feels like having breasts or wanting to have them “gone”….Ali is still the same person! I would love her the same with breasts or if she removed them….because her breasts sre NOT who she IS!!! She is her heart and mind and feelings!!

          I think Ali is great…..and my question was respectful……..

          • Hello!

            Riese isn’t depriving me of my agency in any way—she’s simply restating something I said in an essay already published on Autostraddle that she and the other senior editors edited. The original title of the essay when I sent it in was “Dysphoria Isn’t Something I Feel; Dysmorphia Is” (because I am bad at titles). But even so, it is a line in the essay itself. Riese also knows me really well and we’ve had many a conversation about this exact topic (and how I feel about it). I’ve been working for her since 2012, after all. I have no problem with her making this comment.

            Also you asked a question to everyone—and I think Riese totally qualifies as everyone. :0)

          • I asked YOU about being two gendered….not everyone, Ali. And you did not reply.

            Riese answers for you.

            And then you answer for Riese.

            It was a respectful question……

            But nevermind…….I have my answer.

          • Sarah, I can tell you are not intending to be disrespectful, but being annoyed that someone doesn’t immediately answer a personal question is a bit confrontational.

          • I think it’s funny that in your comment about how it’s chauvinist for me to “speak for” my friend Ali, you go on to speak for Ali yourself! It’s also chauvinist to stroll into a comment thread about a binder to tell people to look at pictures of your private parts on tumblr and talk explicitly about the breasts of people you don’t know and then tell the world, unsolicited and off-topic, about your desires to have “cute breasts to please you” and to acquire a “sweetie girlfriend.” you’re telling complete strangers how you would like them to love you and cuddle with you on a post that is not about you, or even about dating or relationships! and you’ve done this on more posts than just this one.

            and yes, i have read judith butler.

          • also i was answering the question about why somebody would wear a binder, which was asked to everybody. i wasn’t answering your question about ali being two-spirit. although as far as i know, the two-spirit identity is limited to native american, indigenous and first nation people, so there’s that.

        • Seriously you couldn’t be more right. I still identify as female (for now at least) but I wear a lot of men’s shirts and binding makes them look AMAZING. I have a large chest and I never realized how much my chest bothered me when I wear these shirts. Now when I wear a cool shirt I feel like it’s about showing off the shirt, not about trying to look past my boobs. Lol!

    • How about because as a male, boobs are not cute. I think you just answered your own question…

      • You miss understand…. I showed my penis and my butt and my body on my tumblr because I want all of you to know that I AM FEMALE despite what any of you assume because of my parts!! But I would like to have cute breasts to please you!! But I hope you would love me because of the fact that I would talk with you as a girl and be attracted to you like any other girl would be and cuddle with you and love you with only female desire. This is how I truly feel . It is who that body and parts feel. I want to be some special girl’s sweetie girlfriend! That is all!!

    • I want to bind because I’m genderfluid and when I feel particularly masculine I feel really dysphoric, especially since I’m big busted. I’m fairly sure most people that bind do so because of gender feelings, but I’ve read comments from people who feel really uncomfortable with the way their breasts are sexualized and bind for that reason.

    • not really if you identify as a male—boobs give you away that it is not your sex. most people feel more insecure about having breast than bottom because it is highly more noticable and can be the reason weather you pass or don’t pass, you can have a short af haircut but if you have big boobs, people are just going to assume you are cute girl with short hair. or if your you have short hair and small chest but it still shows, alot will just assume you are younger than you actually are. so binders are good and provide us with alot of confidence to be seen as what we are:guys. same if you are a girl that was born in a guys body-you may want to make it look like you HAVE boobs because it may allow you to pass better, you wanna hide the bottom and give a top, we are the opposite—take away the top and add the correct bottom part. make sense, anyways my name is Nathan and if you wanna talk further about this, you can contact me on a site called wattpad, if you sign up, you can look for me under CallmeNathan and swing me a message x3 or you can just reply on here and hope I get it.

  12. i ordered the short binder from this site, loved it immediately, and went back and ordered the long binder. i’m still in love with the short binder. the long one, though, not so much. it’s much more difficult to put on & take off (i’ll note that i got out a measuring tape before ordering, fall between the XS & the S, and ordered the S – for both binders). i’ve had it for two days (got it yesterday), and already there’s a rip up under the armpit & the seam at the waist is splitting from wrestling it off. and it’s less stretchy than the underworks binders at the neck, so there is no option to step into/out of it. and the way it’s constructed, there are two stretch stitches across the back of the binder. i find that they don’t quite stretch as much as i’d like them to (even though i sized up!), and it sort of feels like i have a shoelace tied tight around my lower ribcage all day, which is kind of weird. so the short binder is my new favorite binder, underworks tritop is my 2nd favorite, and the long gc2b is less favorite (actual ranking TBD after washing / giving it another go). the short one is for-sure magical, though, even if i am biased towards short binders anyway.

  13. I love this binder so much! I’ve had mine for maybe a month now. I think I might need to order a size smaller though cause a few times a day I kind of have to readjust where my chest is cause it is riding up a bit. I think if I get a large instead of a xl, it will fix that problem. Otherwise this binder is so comfortable. I never getting the painful digging and lines like I did with underworks. and I barely feel it ever!

    • I wouldn’t suggest going a size down.
      L and XL would have both done the work for me, but I upsized because it is just safer.
      If you need to, you can size down.

  14. I 100% need to seek advice from anyone in Australia who has gotten top surgery. I consider myself to feel more genderqueer but from friends have heard it is difficult to be referred for top surgery without essentially proving you want to start T.

    I need to find a psych in NSW who can refer me… I don’t want to have to go through a million who turn me down for not fitting their requirements.

    Yay binders but oh my gosh the dysphoria :'(

    • I am in the same boat and while I havnt confirmed it I have heard the t is not needed for top surgery. As far as I have been able to tell there is no law that says we must be on hormones to get chest surgery. Try contacting your gender centre

  15. I’d been considering getting a GC2B half binder, and seeing it on AS had definitely pushed me over the edge! I’ll have to save up a little bit, but it’ll be worth it after wearing a poorly-made ten dollar binder that I got off ebay for six months. Super pumped.

  16. I am considering buying this binder, but I am a little concerned since I have asthma and I haven’t seen anyone on this page mention binding with asthma. Any advice?

    • Hi Danny, not sure how severe your asthma is, but I have mild asthma and bind regularly. Sometimes it’s rough. I try to cough a whole bunch before and after I bind (I read somewhere that you should do this?), keep it on for only eight hours at a time, take the elevator instead of the stairs when possible, and keep a looser binder or a sports bra in my backpack at all times so I have the option of taking it off if I really need to. Also obviously keep my puffer handy!
      There’s so much binding safety stuff you can find on tumblr–also I think there’s maybe a binding 101 somewhere in the autostraddle archives, though I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an asthma specific binding resource.

  17. Everyone should check out I used to be a loyal underworks customer, mansculpture is designed by a surgeon who does top surgery. I have 2 binders from there now, and I won’t waste money anywhere else, they do cost a little bit more, but not if you buy the ‘imperfect’ ones, and there is no noticeable difference between those and the ones that cost twice as much. I’m very large chested, and the half binders just make my stomach stick out, which is also very uncomfortable. Mansculpture has half size binders if you’re into that. Also proudly made in the USA!

    • Thank you SO MUCH for this website!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SITE!!! WOOHOOO!!! Once I get enough I look forward to trying it!! WOOHOO~!! LIFE IS GETTING BETTER!! WOOHOO.

  18. Argh! I have literally just bought a completely crap binder and was wallowing in devastation about it. Looks like I’ll be splashing out a bit of extra cash to get this one but I wish this article had been published a month ago!

  19. Ok, so a little late, but I just got this binder in the mail so wanted to leave my feedback. I got the half binder in black.

    Sizing: I have a large chest 38 DDD) and I got a size large. It fits pretty well with my sports bra underneath.

    1. Great minimizing – as good as my other binders or better
    2. Can finally wear a v neck shirt without a binder sticking out!
    3. Most comfortable binder I’ve ever worn (compared to 3 other styles/brands)
    4. No visible lines, seams, clasps, etc under a shirt that makes it look like you’ve got a binder on

    1. It was hard to get on cause it rolls up when you pull it on.
    2. It doesn’t fit quite right under the breast line (around the ribs). It’s a little loose there, which allows for breathing/stretching but I wish it laid flat

    I haven’t washed it yet so I’m not sure how it’ll hold up. Otherwise best binder I’ve ever purchased!

  20. Hey all,

    I am sure some of you may already know us from other selling channels, but I just want to share we are finally here in US. Our vision is to provide a Healthy, High Quality and Stylish binders to an underserved market. Here is our website: We offer Free shipping and Free return within US. We also ship to Canada, Australia, UK, France, just to name a few countries.

    Who says chest binding can’t be comfortable and stylish? Please give us a try and you’ll notice the differences.


  21. I just got my first binder yesterday. I have never worn one, but had to try it out once I heard about these. I have very broad shoulders and a medium chest. I got a size L because I measured at a 38. I can barely get this thing on and absolutely cannot get it off myself and when it’s on its so uncomfortable and digs under my arms. I didn’t think it was suppose to do that after reading all the reviews. Do I maybe need a bigger size and would ordering a XL make a big difference? Thanks appreciate any help.

    • Yeah. I had a pretty decently sized chest (38 D) and I originally was gonna get L, but I upsized. It is a wonderful thing, being able to go from boobs that get in my way to flat, the way I want to be.

  22. So disappointed! I ordered this binder with high hopes after reading this article. Alas, when it arrived in the mail, the hem was a mess.

  23. Just ordered my first binder, ever, from gc2b. I’ve been wearing sports bras for years and they are just not cutting it. Can you say uniboob! Based on all of the reviews and photos I’ve seen of this binder, I have pretty high expectations. I’m a 34C and I ordered the half Medium size. I’ve been researching many other binders out on the market and although this one is a little more pricier, the photos and reviews speak for themselves. Now I wait for the delivery :)

    • im a 34c too but gave both of my new binders to a friend who doesnt bind anymore but she wont give me them back, im saving up for the gc2b binder and was wondering how the medium fits and if it flats well?? :)

  24. Just got this binder. I love it, with one smallish caveat: on me and also on a friend who tried it the armholes were cut a little wide, so flesh tended to squish out to the side and look medium terrible. (We have different body types and breast sizes so I don’t think it’s a one-off issue.) I need to wear it over something like a bra to keep that from happening, but as long as I do that it’s the most comfortable, best looking binder I’ve ever tried.


    Hi hello I love you all. Hi Ali, thank you <3

  26. I worked an extra shift last week and used the extra money in my budget to buy this thing and it just came and I am so happy! I just finished trying it on with the entire contents of my closet (okay let’s be real here, the entire pile of clothes on my floor) and I look like a fucking flatchested rockstar, thank you Ali!

  27. I don’t want to ask you how big your tatas are, so I shall instead tell you how big mine are :P I’m a 14DD or a 16D (in New Zealand) and I’m unsure about how effective this binder will be with my breasts
    Do you think I would be able to be completely flat using this binder? :)

    I expected the binder to be a lot like a sports bra. Which I’m used to, but like, it was so refreshing to actually see it in person because it is not like a sports bra at all. It is its own article of clothing and I adore it. It is positively comfortable and arguably more comfortable than even my sports bras?? (Maybe because I always got super small sizes and the band would destroy my ribs, oops)
    Anyways Ali, thank you so so SO SO SO mUCH I wanna mail you unicorn sparkles but it appears that your heart is already made up of that

  29. After being curious about binding for quite some time and with the inspiration from my incredible gender-queer partner to explore my own gender identity, a short search brought me to gc2b. I don’t know exactly why I chose this over the others for my first binder, but probably fact that the owner is queer and it’s made in the USA had some influence on my decision. I ordered the tank binder in a XS at first (usually my sports bras are size s), XS was way too tight! So I ordered a size small after that. After some tugging and wiggling, I got the binder on and I love it! I identify as female, but have never really been attached, nor very fond of my breasts. I love how this looks and feels! It keeps my breasts flat! I’m now much happier wearing some shirts that fit me well, but showed my shape in the way I didn’t prefer. I can wear it comfortably during an 8 hour shift in my very physically demanding job, but certainly feel the need to let my skin breathe a bit more after that. The longer part of the tank binder rides up alot even though my belly isn’t very big, so I just ordered the half shirt and am excited to see how it compares! Either way, I’m glad that I chose this as my first binder instead of the others and I didn’t even read extensive reviews until now (6 months later!) I’m excited to buy a few more of these and use them more often! My body finally looks how I see myself in my head and I can wear my dapper threads with suspenders and not have my boobs make them look weird!

  30. What drives me insane about binder reviews is that the people reviewing them always tend to be skinny or small chested, or some non-binary gender variant where they don’t need persistent performance from a binder because they won’t need it everyday, or don’t care about being flat chested.

    I’m fairly large (I wear a 42/30 in pants, if that says anything) and have a very large chest that I’m not exactly bouncing on my heels to look at, touch and measure, in fact the thought makes me nauseous. I’m poor and can’t afford to gamble with buying a chest binder not made for people like me (otherwise, I’d have had chest surgery if I could afford that binder nonsense, as expensive as they are).

    My current are all underworks and getting thoroughly worn out as I’ve had and worked in them for years. I’ve watched 3 different reviews of GC2B and I still have no idea what to do to replace them. :(

    There’s just way too few options. Being a dysphoric trans person sucks.

    • I am also a large person (size 46 pants and double d chest). I found that Underworks left me feeling jiggly. I wear gc2b exclusively, usually the half binder with a thin sports bra underneath to help manage side boob. Sometimes in the summer I leave the sports bra off because the South is really hot. I hope this helps. Good luck!

  31. No comments since 2015? This needs to change! I recently bought a binder from Gc2b and I’m in love. I’ve been experimenting with my gender expression for years and wear a lot of cool shirts I find in the men’s section of stores. I always knew I had some form of issue with my chest, but I never would have guessed flattening it would make me so happy. Now when I wear my shirts I can look at that sweet shirt I bought and not have to feel like I’m looking past my chest! The shirts lay nice and flat now and I love it.

  32. Wow whatever happened between 2015 and now this company must have changed a lot. Expect terrible customer service, cheap quality products and for everything to just be pushed out the arm holes.

    The worst part is their website claims there “was no other companies making binders” in 2015. What a total lie!

    There are soo many better options out there than these don’t waste your money. Aughhh the hype on this was totally fake I should have read all the people complaining on reddit first before I bought. Oh yeah and they will charge you shipping all 3 ways if you have to do a return or exchange.

    • Honestly if Autostraddle wanted to do a real article and not this literal advertisement they could talk about how the owner of gc2b Karen Larenas patented everything about Binders 2 years ago to make sure no one else could offer their own binders for sale. That’s the real story here, someone from the FTM community.

  33. Just flagging that GC2B binders have severely reduced in quality and are now actively harmful to use to bind. If your binder from them is made before 2019 it’s still the better quality but anything bought now is dangerous. Bind safely!

  34. Unicmi’s chest binders are high-quality, comfortable, and designed to help our customers feel confident and comfortable. Our binders offer support and compression without causing discomfort or restrictive movement, making them perfect for everyday wear.

    If you’re looking for a reliable and effective chest binder, Unicmi offers premium products that are made to last. Our binders are available in a range of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

    Order your Unicmi chest binder today and experience the comfort and confidence that comes with trusted quality.

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