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Doodles, hello! Welcome to your weekly Arts & Entertainment Daily Fix! I am happy to report that Boob(s On Your) Tube is back in full force, my final Glee recap is filed away, there’s a double-whammy recap of The Fosters finale coming at you this afternoon, and tomorrow we’re going to lose our minds about the Pretty Little Liars finale. That’s where I am with what you’ve been asking me, and here’s some things you haven’t been asking.

Television Tidings

Orphan Black

Clone Club: Assemble! Orphan Black will be back on April 18th, and so BBC America’s promo department is showering us with teasers. Most recently, we got a season three teaser that features Cosima and Delphine bawling their eyeballs out and confessing their love, and this clone vs. clone clip where Sara meets “Scarface” for the first time. Not excited about the boy clones, not gonna lie, but these writers know which side their bread is buttered on; I trust them not to frak it up. Oh, and also, Hot Topic just rolled out a full-on Orphan Black clothing line, so you can dress like Cosima and make crazy science with the favored nerd in your life.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Now that critics have all had time to binge on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the thinkpieces are landing. Indiwire rightfully wonders if the show has a race problem. Bitch magazine thinks it’s funny but flawed, especially when it comes to race. The New Yorker is super impressed with how Kimmy is tackling rape culture. And the Atlantic thinks the show has a “profound take on victimhood and surviving trauma.”

Pretty Little Liars

Guess who’s returning for PLL‘s sixth season?

The male better-halves have been prominently featured in the back half of Season 5, but Emily’s lady love, Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw), has not after she left Rosewood for her own safety and sanity. Don’t worry, though, she’s coming back.

“Not right off the bat in Season 6, but I will say that you will see Paige,” says Marlene King. “I don’t want to give away the story — she’s not in the first couple episodes, I’ll say.”


The Emmy Awards are going to force Orange Is the New Black to compete in the drama category this year, and the internet is mad as hell about it. Jennifer Beals is super close to being back on your TV. The Advocate published a really interesting op-ed with Melantha Hodge called “As a Lesbian in Hip-Hop, I’m Living Empire.” Glee’s series finale ratings were dismal. And Lucy Lawless still hasn’t given up on a Xena movie or TV reboot.


Queer Celebs Doing Stuff

+ Evan Rachel Wood is collaborating with Wildfang and she’s got some tomboy style advice for you in this interview with NYLON editor Gabrielle Korn (formerly of Autostraddle):

Don’t be afraid of the tailor. Find a suit you love and have it altered to fit you. There’s nothing better than a well tailored suit. It’s got to fit right in the shoulders and the sleeves have to hit the wrist just right. Play with accessories—you can rock it with socks, or show your ankles—accessories let add your personal flair.

And she’s also in this amazing Wildfang video bouncing around Portland being perfect.

+ Brittney Griner and fiance Glory Johnson were in Knoxville watching the Tennessee Lady Vols punch their ticket to the Sweet 16.


+ Everybody’s got feelings about Angelina Jolie‘s decision to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She wrote about the hows and whys of it in the New York Times yesterday.

+ Tonight at the Nourse Theater in San Francisco, Lea DeLaria will be giving a lecture on “Why Butch Still Matters: Identity, Gender and the Media with Lea DeLaria.” You can still buy tickets to this event, hosted by the California Institute of Integral Studies and sponsored by Grants for The Arts.



Muggle Shenanigans

J.K. Rowling threw some magical shade on Twitter yesterday when someone said she couldn’t see Dumbledore as gay.


This past week we figured out which 50 people are really A on Pretty Little Liars. We asked 18 questions about The X-Files reboot. We chatted with Nikki Levy of Don’t Tell My Mother. We profiled eight super-rad femslash fan fiction writers. We weighed in on Appropriate Behavior‘s bisexual character. We talked about what Glee got right. And all of us started hardcore marathoning The 100.

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  1. I tried to like “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (and I watched half of the season) but I just couldn’t. I like stupid comedy but I can only suspend belief so long before it gets trying and to over the top. I adore Tina Fey, like I want to marry her and have her babies adore, but this show is awful and it made me very sad! Sad as in “Well, maybe I’ll only give Tina one baby instead of all the babies” kind of way”! Anything that makes me lose faith in one of my major idols is never a good thing! :(

  2. Just when I thought I couldn’t love JK Rowling more. If she decided to take over the world I would happily be her minion.

    • Well now I want nothing more than to become JK Rowling’s minion when she takes over the world. How can I make this happen?

  3. You know what’s almost as exciting to me as the impending return of Orphan Black? It’s that I just found out that Series 3 of The Fall Is confirmed and set to premiere “at the end of 2015.” That’s what.

  4. iZombie last night was a bit queer. We might potentially have another bisexual lead on The CW here. Or it might just be circumstantial, because brains. (oh, genre tv)

    • (in case no one was satisfied with my “because brains” explanation, when Liv eats someone’s brain she takes on bits of their memories and personality traits. In the second episode that aired last night she inherited an attraction to this guy’s mistress)

      • GOD IZOMBIE IS SO GOOD AND I LOVED THAT PART. I hope bisexual Liv becomes a thing with my whole entire heart.

    • Yeah at first when she described the girl with “buttery skin” I thought that maybe being turned into a zombie turned her gay/bisexual ? And I thought that was so so cool until I sobbered up and realised it was an aftereffect of the brains and temporary… :( (the “personality traits” she takes on ARE temporary right ? Because she wasn’t a klepto in this episode).

      • I think it must be temporary, but she’s gonna be eating a lot of straight guy brains. Maybe something will stick. Just don’t get back together with Major Boringface, Liv.

        • I’m so into iZombie. I had to watch it because it was created by the guy who created Veronica Mars, and I really like it and Liv reminds me of Veronica. I also really hope that Bisexual Liv becomes a thing.

          • I may have to check it out if that’s the case cause I liked VM a lot(didn’t see the last half of the last season, but did see the movie and did enjoy it).

  5. oh Dear Wildfang,
    How could you put Beth Ditto in your ad and not carry anything over an XL?

  6. Nice little article from Deadline: “Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing?” by Nellie Andreeva.

    As part of a minority, I do think we need to stop this. We can’t take ALL the roles on TV, what’s gonna happen with caucasian actors???????!!!!!!!!

    The end of the world is coming…

    • Yeah, no. LET’S THINK OF THE WHITE (yes, white, not Caucasian) ACTORS, LIKE THEY HAVEN’T GOT 500 OTHER TV SHOWS TO WORK ON. The article was gross af imo. I mean, the author straight up tries to say that Undercovers should have been a success because both the leads were Black and tries to use that as an argument against diverse casting- that’s disgusting. It’s tiring and the ‘arguments’ in that article were flawed. You may be ‘part of a minority’ (um…) but you don’t speak for me or anyone else.

      • I’m so over these dumbass clickbait and overtly racist articles lately. Just say how you really feel. You are not used to having to deal with people who are different than you and the thought of being force fed them on a daily basis “concerns” you. It is straight up white supremacist logic to be worried about all the white folks who will be out of acting jobs because a few POCs got lead roles on tv this year. Are you fucking kidding me? White people are the majority on television and Hollywod has it’s way that will always be the case. They take up the bulk of the cast on EVERY SINGLE SHOW with a few exceptions. But these racists are crying all over the internet because Empire and Scandal are hits. Bitch Bye!!!!

    • English it’s not my native language, so maybe I should clarify that I’m using sarcasm?

      Let’s just say I live in a place that can still deal with sarcasm and irony, because linear thinking is way too easy.

      By the way, I would totally hold Shonda’s purse…

      • I knew you weren’t serious. I was just ranting about that article in general. It wasn’t aimed at you.

        • My reply was directed at M. Weird thing because I did used her replied link.

          When I saw the article, the first thing I thought was that the title should have ended here: “Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time”.

          You can call me a masochist, but I kept reading.

          By the end, my last toght was “Am I being punk’d?”

  7. PAIGE IS COMING BACK. PAIGE IS COMING BACK. Why am I the only one flipping out about this. People. Paige. Is. Coming. Back. I’m crying and screaming and laughing and jumping up and down but mostly I’m being entirely normal and typing casually on my computer because I’m currently in Cameroon watching a Latin soap opera dubbed in French and if my host mom over there knew I’m writing this comment on this website there’s a serious chance I’d have to move out of the house. But guys. PAIGE IS COMING BACK!!!

    • RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! But seriously, I never doubted she would be back. She’s too awesome a character and she’s been through too much to just be gone forever. Plus Joseph Dougherty loves her.

    • I want Paige’s return to come with flashbacks. Specifically a flashback to her learning Emily is in jail. I’m imagining a trail of overturned trashcans between Stanford and Rosewood littered with lots of uneaten Chinese food.

  8. jkr is right just in the content of what she said but that’s still not really an excuse to only make his sexuality visible after the fact and not in the books themselves imo

    • Yeah as far as I know she’s never written a gay character into any of her other books either. I mean its awesome that Dumbledore’s gay but not if that’s the extent of her queer representation.

  9. I loved Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but there were some dodgy parts that didn’t work – like Jacqueline’s Indigenous backstory. Also, the jokes at the expense of Latina women – while I think they were trying to work on an ironic level and juxtaposed with the New York wealth jokes – didn’t land so well because Maria and Vera were only there to be the joke with little character behind them. I often felt the same way with 30 Rock humour – they push the boundaries and sometimes it works and sometimes it leaves you with a bad taste.

  10. Really really tired of JKR getting ally cookies for the terrible representation that is Dumbledore.

    Also, I really enjoyed Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but it definitely has a race problem. The Vietnamese character Dong and the native american story with a white actress at it’s centre were completely unacceptable. I also thought the last few episodes lost it a bit but that might just have been me.

    • I also felt the last few episodes lost it a bit. I LOVED the Soul Cycle bit, but everything after that was just – meh. Maybe it’s just that the trial dragged on for so long, or that because I’ve been to law school and know how criminal trials are supposed to work, I just could not DEAL with how dumb it got, or that Tina Fey’s prosecutor character was COMPLETELY annoying. Or that every moment Randy was on scene seemed like an utter and complete waste of time.

      Okay, there were a lot of things I disliked about the last two episodes.

      And I agree with a lot of the commentary and criticism that the show has a bit of a race problem. Titus was great, obviously, and the bit about him being treated better as a werewolf than as a black man was spot-on. But everything with Jacqueline’s Native American backstory felt really off, and while I appreciate what the show tried to do with Dong, the penis jokes got old, FAST. And the Latina housekeeper who Kimmy always seemed to defend, but never actually spoke to or attempted to interact with?

      • I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I’ve seen people saying they thought the series got really strong towards the end and I disagree completely.

        100% agree with you on Tina Fey and Randy. They were characters that were just exhausting to watch and I… don’t care about them in the slightest.

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