Audiostraddle Weekly: Rihanna Does Lilith Fair, Tegan & Sara Eat the Museum

It’s been a week of music festival announcements: tour dates, additions to lineups, and special guest appearances. Also, surpassing most music news, Season 2 of Glee premiers tonight! This week’s Music Fix comes courtesy of my alma mater’s internet, lovingly typed on the library computers that I thought I’d never use again. Enjoy!


The woman-dominated music festival kicks off in Calgary and concludes in Dallas, TX with plenty of dates in between, so get your tickets while they last. Concert-goers in Salt Lake City (July 12th) are in for an extra special treat: Rihanna will be joining the Lilith Fair ladies for this date only!

Other special things to note:

Kelly Clarkson, Heart, La Roux, Cat Power & Mary J Blige join the tour on July 17th in Chicago IL. That’s Cat Power‘s only scheduled appearance thus far, but Kelly & Mary J stay with the tour for the next four Midwest dates.

A lot of the lineups have yet to be announced — such as all the east coast shows like New York City, Washington DC and Boston and all the Texas shows.

The August 8th date in Atlanta sees the introduction of The Indigo Girls, Sia, Loretta Lynn, Gossip and Janelle Monae.

We have no idea which parts are going to include Tegan & Sara, but so far as half the lineups are yet to be listed, hope remains!

Check out the full tour schedule here.

The Season 2 premiere of Glee airs tonight! The second season will feature an all-Madonna episode (airing April 20th) and guest appearance by Idina Menzel (Mrs. Taye Diggs and the original Joanne, from Rent). Rumor has it that my favorite TV doctor, Neil Patrick Harris (aka Doogie Howser) will also be making a cameo later in the year. Are you excited, or are you excited?!


Also tonight Adam Lambert is guesting on American Idol. He also has a new interview in Beatweek Magazine.

Our favorite lesbian twins have posted a new video on their website. It’s called “The City Museum Will Eat You Alive” and in it, Tegan (or Sara) gets her face painted with the bat symbol and talks to a girl in a matching red sweater in the mirror — all in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. At least… that’s what I got out it from watching without the sound turned on (I am without headphones and in a quiet library at this moment).


Y’all (I only say that on that on the internet), the much-speculated lineup for Lollapalooza has finally been announced. The full list is uber f*cking long, so I’ll only list a few favorites: Lady Gaga, The New Pornographers, Erykah Badu, The xx, Social Distortion, Metric, Chromeo, Stars, and so many more. It looks like the gays are few and far between, but we can still rep it from the audience.

For those of you that want a smaller festival experience, there’s always the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, IL. The full lineup is here, and they’ve just added a few more performers: Big Boi (from Outkast), Local Natives, Beach House and more. If you’re overwhelmed by festivals in general, check out Corey’s 2010 Summer Music Festival Guide AND a hot new track from Big Boi below:


Record Store Day is fast approaching! This year, it takes place on Saturday, April 17th, so I hope you’re thinking hard about what you  might buy to support your local record store. Visit the official site to learn more about its history and prepare yourselves for an upcoming post in which Autostraddlers recall their first and most recent record store purchases!

What has Elijah Wood been up to since Lord of The Rings? Apparently appearing in music videos. Wood directed and appeared in The Apples In Stereo’s 2006 video for “Energy” and he’s back at it again with “Dance Floor.” The song is the first single from the indie pop band’s newest album, Travellers in Space and Time.



Nicki Minaj will not be touring with Rihanna and hot mess Ke$ha after all: “When I first heard about the possibility of touring with Rihanna, I was thrilled to be included on the ticket. I admire Rihanna as an artist and I know it would’ve been a killer line up. I’m disappointed that the timing won’t work, but I hope we’ll be able to revisit the opportunity in the future.”

Go Magazine’s Nightlife Awards Party in New York City on April 20th will feature DJ Michelle Rodriguez (formerly known as “actress Michelle Rodriguez”), lesbian vocalist Anne Steele, Lori Michaels and lesbian hip-hop duo Kin-4-Life. Also, Autostraddle correspondent & activist Dani Campbell will be hosting. We’ll be there! Get your tickets now.

This is a Florence & The Machine Post.

P Diddy is going to appear on Inside the Actor’s Studio, taping April 13th.

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      • Yeah it’s Sara, who is surprisingly giggly on the video (is that uncharted, awesome, new captured territory?) and I think the girl in the sweater is Rachel Antonoff.

        She’s a fashion designer and I think also the older sister of one of the members of Steel Train (the band who just finished touring North America with Tegan and Sara).

        • You are correct. Her brother was the guy who kinda came in and said ‘Rachel’ but stopped when he saw them filming. He is the lead singer of Steel Train

    • I don’t know if you can call it “out” but she has admitted to “liking it all”. Which I guess makes her bisexual. Whatev she’s sexy as fuck!!!

  1. When I see videos of Sara like this one, I totally forget about Tegan. That giggle makes my heart freaking MELT.

      • IDK… Tegan was eating a donut and gave a huge cheesy smile with donut in her cheek while wearing the bat head gear. SFC!

        • That is true. I suspect she might have been high at that moment. The way she was eating them. That’s how I eat donuts when I’m high..

          But I mean. I don’t know. I love Sara more every day.

  2. I don’t care how “straight” Michelle Rodriguez “is”, oh God do I love her. So hot. I wish she was still on Lost.

      • Definitely not straight, lol, hence the ” “. Let her think she’s fooling us, we know the truth! I wish she did more shows/movies or had bigger parts, I could watch her every day.

      • Not openly on Michelle’s end at all. Kristanna was all open and free about it, but even when Curve was interviewing her, Michelle hid in the house.

  3. Thanking you kindly for that Florence link, it’s a beautiful cover. I actually cannot wait to see her live here in a few weeks, although the tickets havent arrived yet so im getting nervous, and there’s no hope of getting any more, her two gigs sold out in 20 seconds, insanity! I paid 25 Euro for my ticket and they’re being sold online by touts for £250 imagine, fucking hell!

    • Yeah, trying to get Florence tickets is insane at the moment, I tried unsuccessfully to get some for Edinburgh and they all went for crazy prices on ebay.

      However, she’s playing Isle of Wight festival in June (which I’m going to, yay!), and I think it will turn out to be cheaper to get a weekend camping ticket there than it would be to go see Florence by herself! Madness!

  4. I’m going to Lilith at the Gorge, which is Seattle’s leg of the tour. We get Erykah Badu, Colbie Caillat, a Fine Frenzy, and Sugarland, among a couple others.
    I went in ’99 (?) and I am just going to revisit the tour with my gay self as opposed to my closeted self from back then. I remember just loving the atmosphere and loving all the women, though I thought it was camaraderie instead of attraction.

    my b.

  5. I can’t wait to see Idina Menzel on Glee. Btw, she was actually the original Maureen in RENT!

    & Sara, as always, is completely adorable.

    • She will always be Maureen to me :) I’m so excitant for Glee and so sad I will be at work tonight when it airs…

  6. The Chicago line up for Lilith leaves something to be desired. No Rihanna, no Tegan & Sara. I’m skipping it and hitting Lolla instead!

  7. Ah! I am having traumatic flashbacks of the City Museum! I was there right after it opened when I was about 10 or 11, which meant I was just a lil too matured for the museum, both intellectually and physically. The museum was brand new & bustling, and the whole play area was basically a huge line of kids slowly going through the various tunnels and paths and what not. While waiting for some slow kids in front of me, I, stuck in one of the exloratory play area tunnels, either contracted or awakened severe claustrophobia. They had to clear a bunch of (much younger) kids out to let this dumb 11-year-old who was hyperventillating, sweating and crying profusely outta there. Never again, friends.

    The bright side of all this, I now see, is that I have more proof that Sara Quin is my soulfriendmate.

      • Don’t think so. Unless, somehow in the timewarp that allowed me to still be trapped there 13 years later, I also learned how to say, “Help me I’m trapped!” instead of “WHEETT EEEE OWWW I AHH! OWW AWWLRIGHHH” (which is to be read as “GET ME OUT I JUST WANNA GET OUT ALIVE” with a lot of hysteria and crying mixed in).

  8. Lilith has left me somewhat bemused. First off they announce they’ll be a London date(incredibly excited = me), and yesterday they releases all the dates and after reading/re-reading/rubbing my eyes/checking my glasses/screaming WTF at my laptop… er hello Lilith where’s the London date, no explanation whatsoever-charming. Now my optimistic side is hoping they’re gonna release the European dates later, who knows…actually can anyone enlighten me on here?
    At least Gaga loves us, I’m so super excited to be seeing her in May!!

    • According to AfterEllen, the London/Australia dates are still in the pipeline, but for 2011.

      • Thank you for replying-2011-really?? Oh.
        Ok, thats just depressed me, I’m seriously bummed right now :(

  9. I cannot even waiiiiit for Lilith Fair at the Gorge, Marina And The Diamonds is playing and I will be front and center in a total trance. SO excited to finally see her! Yay for Lilith Fair!

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