Introducing B-Camp

Once upon a time we had a dream. It involved 46 or 200 lady-identified ladies, a charred valley in the shadow of the San Bernadino Mountains, platform tents constructed from discarded copies of The Daily Mail, canned pineapples with warm cottage cheese, a staff comprised of former Autostraddle Interns Who Disappeared Without Officially Quitting, and a weekend packed with workshops, panels, activities and performances designed to pass the time.

It was a dream called B-Camp.


The overwhelming success of A-Camp has led to a jam-packed waiting list and hoards of young lesbians unable to fulfill their fantasies of possibly having sex with Sarah Croce or overhearing somebody else having sex with Carmen Rios. Thanks to a recent newsworthy event in the Angelus Oaks region, we were able to secure a potentially carcinogenic patch of land only slightly down the hill from A-Camp, where we intend to provided a fulfilling experience for those unafraid of ghosts, processed meats, and spending a little extra for a truly authentic lesbian vacation.



Thursday May 23rd – Monday May 27th, 2013, the same dates as A-Camp


Where: photo by carly usdin

Your $875 tuition includes:


"when i said i wanted to get wet at b-camp, this wasn't what i had in mind" (via shutterstock)

“when i said i wanted to get wet at b-camp, this wasn’t what i had in mind” (via shutterstock)

Three nights of access to an umbrella and a carpet square. For $50/hour extra, access to platform tents.


vegans can suck on this

vegans can suck on this

Three “meals” a day, including a last-day Rise & Shine Heart Attack Breakfast co-sponsored by the Jack-in-the-Box Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich and Beano®. Vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free campers are encouraged to bring your own weirdo crap, as our corporate sponsors do not have time for your hippie bullshit.


Sexy on The Beach Workshop

i’m so glad we attended that Douching For Dummies workshop! I feel fresher than a summer’s eve!

Full access to a variety of activitiesworkshopspanelssports and arts & crafts, some of which you may have to lead yourself because we don’t actually know how to make friendship bracelets.



was supposed to be in riese & laneia’s van

If you’re flying into LAX, you will be picked up by one of several large vans driven by Autostraddle staffers arriving at uneven intervals, as coordinated by a bunch of girls who just met for the first time. Your van may or may not break down on the highway. Includes snacks.

Kickass Tote Bag!

Thanks to Wal-Mart for donating these totes for our gift bags!

Thanks to Wal-Mart for donating these totes for our gift bags!

Our official B-Camp Gift Bags will be jam-packed with amazing things such as the official B-Camp T-shirt (designed and printed by Urban Outfitters), a CD copy of the hit single “Dirty Knees” by Dusty Ray, a coupon for a free trial membership to eHarmony, a picture collage of our cats, a fresh pack of Bic Pens For Her, an autographed bootlegged copy of The Real L Word Season One and a paperback edition of The Well of Loneliness. The first ten campers to make it up the mountain will receive a 3 1/4″ floppy disk full of desktop backgrounds Carly made when she was 18 featuring images of strong women.


Rise & Shine Workout!

B-Campers will rise with the sun for a morning workout, which will focus on whittling away excess arm fat, toning your abdominal region, and getting rid of those thighs! (Sponsored by Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner®.)

Skim a F*cking Book Club

You’ve been waiting your whole life to devote two hours to discussing Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia by Elizabeth Gilbert or Bitch, Are You Retarded? by Carlos Lee. Your time is now!


omg i also totally wanted to meditate in an exotic place

Slow Dating: Because Speed Dating is For Sluts

This three-day intensive workshop, led by Maggie Gallagher of NOM, is a great opportunity to really savor the flavor of your future match, feasting on lengthy dissections about Halberstam over Frutopia and staring at each other until your eyes hurt. Workshop will culminate in fully-clothed scissoring and hand-holding ceremony, followed by a romantic walk in the forest, which may or may not be haunted.

Transgender Representation in The Media Panel

Listen to special guests Ryan Murphy and Ilene F. Chaiken discuss the difficulties, challenges and rewards of accurately representing transgender people on Television. Panel will be followed by autograph session. Ally cookies and fruit punch will be served. Moderated by Sheila Jeffreys.

Conservative Lifestyle Haircuts

pick me next, casey danger!

pick me next, casey danger!

Inspired by the success of Katrina’s Alternative Lifestyle Haircuts at A-Camp, conservative lifestyle haircuts will inspire you to tone it down a little. You’re not planning on going to Target like that, are you?

Taylor Swift Appreciation Club/Songwriting Workshop

Campers interested in this workshop must bring their middle school diaries and/or printouts from defunct Xanga journals to camp! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform self-indulgent adolescent emotion into metered rhyme and then into music! You’ll then practice how to look surprised about everything all the time.

DIY Wax-a-thon

Your underarm hair is gross. Ew.


this is how leg waxing feels

Getting Your Shit Together Workshop

You have so many feelings, and we all know what that means — you have too many feelings. Role-playing exercises will school you in the art of bottling it up, denial, and other ways to express your feelings besides expressing your feelings, such as insomnia, violence and aggressive internet commenting.

Advanced Unfisting

All the way up in there and re-evaluating your decision? This workshop will go over the basics of how to remove your fist from an unexpectedly inflexible vagina. (Pre-Requisite: Unfisting For Beginners)

Ropes Course

is that a b-camper over there in that pile of twine

is that a b-camper over there in that pile of twine

Just because we don’t have access to the fancy A-Camp Ropes Course doesn’t mean we can’t make you climb a tree and then jump out of it!

Gender Roles Panel

Let A-Camp have their “edgy” “liberal” “hipster” “gender panel,” down at B-Camp we’re keeping it real with boys and girls with a special focus on why Leaning Over is better than Leaning In. Boys will collect internet porn while the girls organize their spice rack. Topics will include figuring out “who’s the man” and why that person should be paying for dinner.

Glamour Shots!

A-Camp Co-Director Robin Roemer will not be doing this activity as she’ll be busy with her own photography situations up the mountain. Luckily we found somebody really talented on cragslist who actually worked at Glamour Shots in the Briarwood Mall in 1994, which’s when Riese got her glamour shot. (BRING YOUR OWN PROPS AND HAIR CRIMPER)


That’s not all. We have overwhelming programming options. What can I say, we’re a team with a lot of ideas in our melons!

Butching It Down

Queer Your Kombucha: Put Your Vodka Into Anything

Damsels in Distress: Self-Defense For Tiny Females With Strong Handshakes

40 Hottest Women In Tech: A Slideshow

MRAs Anonymous

Pictures Of My Cat Workshop

Death Panel

Swag Workshop: How To Attract Dudes By Making Out With Chicks

Dana Fairbanks Memorial Hike

Harnessing The Power Of Your Clam

Queer Parenting 101: Instilling Gender Norms So The Rest of The World Doesn’t Have To

Public Sex is My Radical Sex

What Happened Before Ellen and “Is There Anything After Ellen?”

It’s Not Easy Being Gay: A Coming Out Story Performed As Muppet Theatre

How Do Lesbians Have Sex? A Workshop

“Marriage” And “Wedding” Planning For Queers

Mansplaining Explained

OkAwkward 101: How Panic Attacks, Anxiety and ADHD Can Get You Laid

Abstinence Panel: Because Tribadism Counts

Don’t Read a F*cking Poem Unless It Rhymes Workshop

Shane On You: A Workshop On Gender Policing In The Age Of Shiloh

Hymns for Her

Making Peace With the Patriarchy

Whiteness 101: How To Effectively Save QWOC From Themselves

Design-Your-Own Inspirational Moustache Tattoo

Get Baked Live: Artificial Insemination Or “The Other Use For That Turkey Baster”

Somewhere Over the Rainbow; or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Inequality

Pray the Gay Away

Exploring The Lost Art of Fimo Beading


After a hearty day of activities and a healthy diet of discontinued potato chip flavors, you’ll be ready for a long night of fun and games. We are pulling out all the stops this year.

Murder Mystery Night: Who Killed Jenny?

oh no let's not talk about this again

oh no please don’t make me watch episode 608 again

In this 55-minute event, hosted by Ilene F. Chaiken, campers will take on “characters” from Ilene Chaiken’s unsolved mystery Opus, otherwise known as Season Six of The L Word. (Please note: mystery will not actually be solved.)

Beauty Pageant

Hosted by special guest Carrie Prejean, this classy evening of classy fancy class will feature women with sexy bikinis who know how to twirl batons. Audience is encouraged to bring underpants to throw onto the stage, men’s briefs are acceptable.

Creamed Corn Wrestling


in a kiddie-pool filled with canned cream corn

Hosted by the ghost of Old McDonald (of “Old McDonald had a farm” fame), this is a great opportunity for lesbians to test their skills in a slippery tub of undignified mush. Expect to emerge “smelling like pussy and creamed corn” and feeling like $4,000 bucks.

Movie Screenings

i wish i could quit you

i wish i knew how to quit you

On Thursday night, you can revisit the pain and misery of being LGBT via Tearjerker MarathonThe Children’s Hour, Monster, Philadelphia, Brokeback Mountain, Milk and Boys Don’t Cry. Sponsored by Kleenex® Care-Packs. On Friday, we’ll be indulging in Movies A-Camp Bitches Hate Night, where we can safely enjoy Love Actually, Lost & Delirious and Bloomington free of ridicule. Saturday night, entitled Bechdel Who?, will feature Superbad, The Dilemma and Project X, capping off the evening with the 2012 Alliance of Women Film Journalist’s Most Misogynistic Movie Pick: That’s My Boy starring Adam Sandler!

Last Night Dance

everybody in this picture has mono

everybody in this picture has mono

The final night dance will be DJ’ed by your friend who ipod DJ’ed the other night when you guys had people over.

So, if you’re emotionally prepared for a loosely supervised life-changing experience, don’t delay!

What are you waiting for? Register Now!

this post was made possible by the comedic stylings of Riese, Robin, Marni, Carly, Rachel, Laneia, Gabby, Katrina, Stef, Brittani, Alex, Taylor and Crystal.

auto has written 519 articles for us.


  1. I was giggling the whole way through, but I absolutely died when I got to the bit on Slow Dating with Maggie Gallagher.

    Also can we make OkAwkward 101 happen? I think I could get some benefit from that.

  2. My thought process:
    – *sees article on Fb*: This is cruel. Clearly they aren’t having another Camp and now I regret even more not registering for A Camp.
    – *reads stuff about food and accommodations*: Okay, this vegetarian is actually kinda glad B camp isn’t a thing.
    – *reads about contents of tote bags and featured programming*: *begins to cry from laughing*
    – *reads about other programming*: Wait, some of these sound kinda cool…
    – *gets to comment section, notices, the psychedelic colour changing thing going on with all photos, comment box, etc.*: *feels dizzy, decides to end this already-long-enough comment*

  3. I wanted to quote/point out my favorites bits but then realized I’d be reposting the entire thing in my comment. This is pure genius and the best april’s fool thing I’ve seen today.

    Also love the very 90’s promo poster, the use of the Papyrus font propells it to masterpiece status.

  4. And if you already are not having a fit on the floor from reading this article, you will be, after attempting to click the link to register for B-Camp!

    On a sadder note I thought that there finally was a possibility of making up for not going to A-Camp, but I guess that won’t be happening.

  5. Can we please please please please do 90s Glamour shots?!?! I will bring my bedazzler and crimper. I want this more than anything in the world.

    Also, I really lost it in the library when I got to “Death Panels”

  6. “If you’re flying into LAX, you will be picked up by one of several large vans driven by Autostraddle staffers arriving at uneven intervals, as coordinated by a bunch of girls who just met for the first time. Your van may or may not break down on the highway. Includes snacks.”


  7. I thought something was wrong with my phone when I was reading this article! It took me an embarrassingly long amount of time to notice the color changes and when I did I was about to do the whole ‘turn your phone off and on cuz that will fix everything’ thing. Lol. Good one y’all!
    I hope that floppy disk really exists.

  8. guys why has no one quoted this part yet:

    “The overwhelming success of A-Camp has led to a jam-packed waiting list and hoards of young lesbians unable to fulfill their fantasies of possibly having sex with Sarah Croce or overhearing somebody else having sex with Carmen Rios.”

    were we all being subtle and classy and trying not to embarrass our friends?! because i’m sorry i can’t, i am DYING at work…so glad i work with such fucking hilarious humans. i love everyone (and i really hate april fools so like, my love for this post is a huge deal, jsyk).

  9. I’m reading this in class half paying attention and I think I got up to “unfisting” before realizing I’d been plunked. I even got past “hippie bullsh*t” and “conservative haircuts”.

    How do I live with myself…

  10. “The first ten campers to make it up the mountain will receive a 3 1/4″ floppy disk full of desktop backgrounds Carly made when she was 18 featuring images of strong women.”

    No, but really can I get a copy of that?

  11. I thought this was just a weirdly sarcastic joke but didn’t make the leap to April Fools until I hit Ryan Murphy and Ilene B. Chaiken.

    Then I got bummed because my first reaction was, “Wow, they finally get me!” because I like the majority of these things. I mean, my whole life is a Taylor Swift Appreciation Club. And I can’t pretend to not enjoy Buzzfeed.

    I’ll go back to being uncool now.

    Well played.

  12. So I’m glad I knew today was April Fool’s or I totally would’ve fell for this. Also, I really feel like I could get something out of a workshop titled “Getting your Shit Together”, since most of mine isn’t. Js.

  13. Normally I hate April Fools’ Day, but there was this and then I checked my mail. Guys, I got a letter from the NRA announcing my new membership. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! “Psych,” I thought. “April Fools!”

    And then I looked at it. And it was real. And I laughed soooo much harder.

  14. That was incredibly hilarious, and almost appealing. I almost got excited a creamed corn wrestling. I just wondered if I was going to be the only gal in a bikini sitting in there waiting for a challenger while everyone slowly turned and started to walked away. Ha. Damn!

    Happy April Fools sexy queermos!

  15. i was actually able to tell this was a joke pretty early on (first paragraph) but nevertheless appreciate how elaborate and clever it is. <33

    also i would join the taylor swift appreciation club if it existed. #sorrynotsorry

  16. me –> TRIGGERED. true story– when i was 13 i went to my local library and typed “lesbian” in the catalog– it spat out just one entry. “the well of loneliness.” 13, just coming out and lesbian = well of loneliness. that should have been a prank.

    thanks AS for helping me work through my traumatic coming-out memories by pretend-distributing it to all of pretend-b-camp! i could really use the “getting your shit together” too many feelings workshop right now.

    and kidding, not really triggered though even now i can still feel that shock– but times have changed, now there are several queer librarians at that same library and i can get near anything i request. i wonder if there are any books about “unfisting”…?

  17. Sorry, I realize this is an April Fools prank, but what exactly does “lady-identified ladies” mean? I assume this is a typo and you meant “lesbian-identified ladies” or “lady-loving ladies” or something, right?

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