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    hey, could anyone tell me how long it takes me to get from Montreal airport to the greyhound busstation at metro Berri-UQAM (which i find a super weird name btw)? Because i land at 8 am and the bus i’m taking would leave at 3u45 pm but i have no idea how fast your public transport/airport shuttle bus is. Thanks :) xx

    • It won’t take more than an hour. There are shuttle buses that go there and also taxis. The airport is about 30-40 minutes away from downtown. Traffic can be thick at times but you won’t have any problem catching a bus at 3:45. You’ll even be able to see some of the city if you want.
      ps…the name used to be Berri-deMontigny. It was changed to Berri-UQAM because the Université de Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) is near that metro stop.