The Comment Awards Are Taking On The Capitol

You guys, what if we did a Here/Queer post about all the districts in Panem? I only ask because basically the two things on my mind this week are The Hunger Games and all the awesome places I have to visit now that I’ve read about all of your cities. Like Columbus! It is a place I need to go STAT. Not to mention the Bronx, Vancouver, Dublin and all those places that we wrote about before this month. Dublin was appropriate this week since St. Patrick’s day happened. We wrote about green pie and Irish-y music as our own tiny way to celebrate. Carolyn cooked ginger sesame chicken, Carmen made a playlist for job hunting, and Laneia helped you get closure. Riese read more things that she loved like the reading machine she is and also needs you to vote for her mom (no, really). We had a lot going on in television this week with Lizz’s Pretty Little Liars fashioncap, Brittani’s new webseries, Words With Girls, the series finale of Anyone But Me and a new episode of Newtown Girls.

On NSFW Sunday Wants to Spend the Day in Bed With Charts, Curvy Girls and Awards:

The Success In Keeping Obnoxiously Chatty Neighbors Away Award to Digger: “I took a flight from NJ to FL this a.m. and the guy sitting next to me glanced over at my Kindle and asked “What’cha reading?”..Without hesitation, I answered “Lesbian Erotica”..Wish I’d gotten a picture of his face! He didn’t say a word for the rest of the flight!”

On Oh, Canada! Watch This Adorable Lesbian Marriage Proposal At Hockey Game:

The Rose By Any Other Name Award to L: “One in a Sens jersey and the other in Leafs? A modern day Romeo and Juliet.”

The On Top Of America Award to Emily, AG and Chandra:

On Also.Also.Also: Further Developments:

The I’ll Tell Him Want I Want What I Really Really Want Award to katiebug: “Rick Santorum is the scariest spice.”

On Vote For My Mom:

The If By “J” You Mean “Ho” Award to terracottatoes and JMo:

The Best Mum Award to punctum’s mum: “voted! mostly because my mum just made and sent my girlfriend and i matching onesies so i’m feeling pretty pro-mums at the moment.”

On Executive Taco Box Realness Is Within Your Reach:

The Well We Couldn’t Fit A Kitten In It Award to Laura: “…lol taco …lol box”

The JT Award to Kait: “Christmas: Taco Box
Kwanzaa: Taco Box
Hanukkah: Taco Box
Every single holiday: a Taco Box”

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  1. Please can you at least do a queer/here about the capitol? I feel like there would be drag queens everywhere!

  2. I’d like to award the Best Award Name Award to Laura for the “If By “J” You Mean “Ho” Award”

  3. I’m pretty sure the Capitol as imagined in “The Hunger Games” is just the fever dream of a particularly authoritarian drag queen.

  4. I didn’t put my Kindle down that whole flight..And now I need to download more Lesbian Erotica!

  5. This is the greatest day of my life. I won a comment award AND bought a my first french press. #validatedlesbo

  6. I live in the Capitol. No, it’s not a joke. Capitol is the name of the most famous square in my city, and I live next to it.

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