The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 51, November 2018

Letter From Your Editors
Hello Winter Wonderlands!

This month we were all supposed to look cozy. I don't know what's going on with Casey feeling cozy in the bathtub of all places, but everybody else seems bundled up in a joyful embrace. Well, except Stef and Rachel who are looking a little intense and not super-joyful. Okay, enough with my show notes.

Top: Laneia // Rachel // Molly // Valerie Ann // Heather // Siobhan // RieseBottom: Sarah // Carrie // Raquel // Stef // Alexis // Carmen // Casey

Today announced they were laying off virtually their entire staff. I would not recommend my lifestyle to anyone, but it's interesting how being so hand-to-mouth and never having had the benefit of investors, we've managed to avoid so many popular publishing pitfalls simply by not being able to afford them. That being said — a good $2 million or so could really transform our site and enable it to grow, but the obscene amounts of money thrown at sites like Mic (who raised $60 mi...

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