Oh, Canada! Watch This Adorable Lesbian Marriage Proposal At Hockey Game

Personally, I’d prefer my marriage proposal be a discreet private event where nobody could see me or take photographs, let alone video, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relish in the earnest joys of other people’s public displays of matrimonial sentiments. Meanwhile, my girlfriend is really excited that this happened in her homeland of Ottawa. In fact, she’s still talking, as I type this, about “the Leafs” and “the Senators,” and something something something hockey something canada leafs hockey something.

Look, cute lesbians:

Thank you to reader Marianne for the tip!

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  1. I was just going to send this look to your website, but I should have known, you womyn would beat me to the punch. O Canada, I do love thee. Cheers from Wpg, Mb.

  2. Oh, that is really adorable! I don’t follow hockey much but I do live in Ottawa and I have friends who are Leafs fans and it’s just better if we don’t talk about that.

  3. awwww… this was so lovely. I hope they live happily ever after.

    PS Riese I am with you on private discreetness, knowing me I would end up in a lifelong marriage just because I would feel too awful to say no in front of people. Also, I don’t like it when people look at me when I didn’t do anything to deserve it. Also, it would just be embarrassing.

  4. I would be too chiken-shit to do this..I have visions of being on bended knee..Ring in hand..Tears trickling down my face..Pouring out my heart on the Jumbo-tron..And hearing her say, “Yeah…Umm..We should really talk”..So if this is the proposal ya’ll have in mind..It’s just one more reason why I am not the girl for you.

  5. The only thing that could have made this video more lesbian/Canadian is if the second the woman said “yes” to the proposal a U-Haul zamboni driven by kittens had come out on the ice with them.

  6. Yay for adorableness & hockey! I would have flipped my shit, probably in a awkward not sure what to do with myself kind of way, if I was either of the women in this video.

    Mad props to the one who proposed for being so damn brave and to the one who accepted for being so damn calm! And woohoo to all for not falling! (Although, to be truthful, once the ice gets all mucked up it is quite easy to walk on)

    Oh, Canada, why must you do everything a little bit better when it comes to hockey?

  7. So can anyone explain this: I’m Canadian but don’t watch hockey at all, and I’m also not really for marriage either (as an institution)…

    – and yet THIS IS AWESOME!

    I would be standing and screaming my fool head off at that game ^_^

  8. I just cried a little about this. And not just because it’s seemingly impossible for Leafs and Sens fans to be civil. THEY’RE ACTUALLY IN LOVE AND SO CUTE
    Excuse me while I squee about this in my room.

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