Justin Trudeau’s Win Ceases Reign of Stephen Harper and His Flying Monkeys

Corey Jones, a 31-year-old black man, was killed by a police officer after his car broke down after 3 a.m., five black churches have been set on fire in the St. Louis area, a Texas judge ruled health officials can still deny birth certificates to children of undocumented immigrants, opponents of Houston’s non-discrimination ordinance debut a terrible ad aimed against trans women, and more news stories.

Queer Girl City Guide: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is a historic city with the Celtic charm expected of Nova Scotia, overflowing with arts, culture, music and bars, so many bars. As it’s the biggest city in the Maritimes region of Canada, lots of queers from across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI make the pilgrimage to our seaside city.

Straddler On The Street: Emily

Emily lives in Canada and went to A-Camp 3.0, and she shared her feelings about being biracial, getting into roller derby, and having a cat named Barbra Streisand. Also it’s Canada Day so you basically need to shower her with love and maple leaves.