Get Baked: Avocado Pie

There are so many foods in life (Beer, milk, pancakes, eggs, mashed potatoes, ketchup) that shouldn’t be but are green on St. Patrick’s day. This pie is not one of those things. You’ve just got to trust me when I tell you that it’s not gross to put avocados in a dessert. In a blind taste test performed in my kitchen, every respondent said that it tasted “like key lime pie and avocados…but in a good way” which means that it wins all pies. If you’ve got 15 minutes and a blender, you can surprise all your drunk friends tonight with this festive dessert.




3 tablespoons of Butter
2 tablespoons of Sugar
1 cup of Crushed Graham Cracked Crumbs
2 Avocados
1 14 ounce can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 cup of Lemon of Lime Juice
Zest of Lemon or Limes



Mix up the butter, sugar and graham cracker crumbs, press it into a 9 inch pie pan, and bake for 10 minutes on 325. While you’re waiting for it to cool, throw the avocados, sweetened condensed milk, juice and zest into a blender and mix it until everything’s smooth like butta. At this point, you could just drink it like a milkshake, but we’re going to scoop it into the pie shell instead and refrigerate it all for an hour. That’s all folks! Grab a beer and go eat some pie.

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  1. If we could come up with a vegan version, which wouldn’t be that difficult I’m guessing, this just might be the most lesbian of all desserts. I mean, 28 Maddows? This must be a seriously good pie.
    [insert double-entendre here]

  2. For lazy people like me, I go for the avocado milkshake.

    Avocado + milk + sugar or chocolate + blend = done. The avocado/milk amount depends on how thick or how thin you want it and if you want it green, add some sugar and no chocolate.

    I always end up wasting leftover condensed or evaporated milk and lemons. :(

  3. I am drunk right now and I wish I had this. GODDAMMIT I hate living with my parents :( I can’t run the blender at 11 pm

  4. I’m mildly allergic to avocados (ie. I won’t die if I eat them, but there will be a lot of insufferably annoying itchiness going on), so a recipe with avocado has to be pretty damn impressive for me to cook/eat it… I think this pie about does it. I’ll be the weird face-scratching kid in exchange for a piece of this pie.

    • I’m allergic to citrus, so I’m wondering if there’s some citrus-free substitute for lemon/lime zest because I really want to make this pie!

      • I know when a baking recipe calls for lemon juice, you can substitute about 1/3-1/2 the called for amount of juice with white vinegar instead..For zest though, I’m not sure

        • You are a wealth of info, Digger, and appreciated. I will admit, I was initally drawn to your comments due to the Best Chick Magnet Avatar Ever, but I do read the words, too.

          • LMAO..Yeah..My friend calls me “Wikipedia”..I’m a bit of a geek..But I can’t take credit for this one..My friends, the lesbian parents from Hell, were baking recently and explained the vinegar was because citrus is “dangerous” for young kids..IDK..Based on all the precautions they take, it’s a wonder any of us survived our childhood! As to my avatar..If that’s true, maybe I should wear it on a tshirt!

          • Unless I poisoned that baby, but she’s still alive and kicking, so. Although she mostly liked to suck the juice out and then deposit the orange bits in her hair.

            Basically, crazy lesbian moms are crazy.

          • I may need to drive out to Indiana just to buy you whatever kind of a drink won’t send you into anaphylactic shock!

  5. Had avocado and lime cheesecake for dessert just last week – I feel like the recipe would have been almost identical to this – and it was amazeballs (and that’s coming from someone who dislikes avocado with almost every fibre of their being)

  6. avocado pudding is pretty much the best thing ever.
    looks kinda like baby vomit, but I guarantee it ‘s the best thing you ever put on your ice cream. if you put it on fried ice cream you just might go insane from the awesomeness.

  7. Amazeballs! I can’t wait to try this!!! I’ve been on an avacado kick this week and I feel like this is somehow a desert I can justify as being healthy ;)

  8. Sounds great, can’t wait to try this recipe. Although, I have to admit, it looks like the pies tossed around by the Lost Boys in Hook.

    • I attribute most of my favorite foods to my obsession with that food fight in Hook. So many colors!

  9. I kind of want to roll around and masturbate in this pie :/ why is that green fluffy making me so randy?

  10. I just tried this … possibly the best thing ever to be on my tongue (I did add 1 /12 tbsp honey … but I was just really in the mood for something sweet haha)

  11. This is amazing. Just cut into it.

    (If you want to make it gluten free you can put thinly sliced almonds or walnuts in your blender and use those in place of graham cracker crumbs.)

  12. Mmmm-mmm, delish. Linda Blair Pie. I’m trying this recipe as soon as possible — I think I’ll flan it!

    I also propose that the world desperately needs to revert back to calling avocados “alligator pears”.

  13. Made this for Halloween!! :D

    One thing though if your blender is anything like mine then it might not be strong enough to blend this concoction, too thick. I just stirred it while that bad boy did its best to blend.

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