Femme Brûlée: Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls

I love eggnog, so I’ve taken it upon myself to write a recipe that I think even its most loyal haters will love. There’s no drinking the eggnog here, just using it to infuse the dough and glaze with warm winter spices and vanilla. The brown butter doesn’t hurt either.

Get Baked: Sourdough Persian Love Cake

It’s called a “Persian Love Cake” and is a great way of using up any sourdough starter discard you may have. The flavor is sweet (due to the massive amounts of honey syrup), but also interesting and complex (due to the sourdough, cardamom and lemon). It’s delicious, and the cake itself is pretty gosh darn beautiful, too, if I do say so myself.

Get Baked: Homemade Gingerbread for all Your Festive Needs

“At some point, probably around the time I became a surly teenager and wanted something of my very own to craft and control and create, I decided to start making gingerbread too. At first this was just something I did alone, but gradually my younger brother began helping me, then my older brother, and it kind of became a tradition by accident.”