The Newtown Girls Episode 2: Dress Up

In this week’s episode of The Newtown Girls, Scarlet and Alex hit up the popular Newtown lesbian hangout, The Bank.

If you thought Scarlet was slightly annoying sober, you’re probably not quite ready to witness the girl drunk.

If you missed last week’s debut episode, catch up here!

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  1. Haha at the Gabby line. And just when I thought Xena was forgotten. Lucy Lawless was actually arrested today for protesting on an oil-drilling ship in her native New Zealand. Still fighting for good it seems.

    Not sure how I feel about this yet but I’m curious to see where they take it. Still love the accents. & I think the DJ was so serious cuz there was like all of 5 people at that party.

  2. I like this series, though watching the Scarlet character does feel like listening to nails on a blackboard.

    It’s nice to see something filmed in a place where I actually go drinking!! I like the Bank, it’s unpretentious and welcoming, and a nice place to hide when the hipsters of the inner West are too much for me to handle ;)

  3. I’m not sure if I like this yet. I really liked the first episode but I didn’t find this episode entertaining. Not quite sure why yet…
    But I’ll keep watching because I want to see where it goes. And Alex is hot.

  4. I haven’t decided whether or not I like this show because it’s good or just because I’m Australian and have a tendency to gravitate towards other Australian things in a “WOO YEAHHH ‘STRAYLIAN” fashion. But I shall press on, if not for anything else other than Alex is hot.

  5. The ending track is addictive. I’d reward the lass who’d give me the name with many kisses! And virtual hugs! :D

    I’d watch the episode again just for the music. If they’re planning to draw us in with pumping house tracks then count me in!

    And yes, I think an “Alex is hot” fanclub should be established. And australians are hot. The episode was cute, though nothing substantial really happened except for Alex getting the DJ Scar tried to chat up. And Veronika’s cameo and fantasy scene was cute but…I dunno. So much potential from her profile on the website (Go read!) But with the series being on a short minute run…

    Alex seems to be running the show, truth be told. You get a lot more from her in the last 2 episodes and a bit on Scarlet, but nothing uniquely attaching. YET.

      • Thank you, Keena! You are awesome. :D

        As promised, I give you lots of hugs, kisses and a spot to crash if you ever decide to visit my Vancity. And we shalll party together merrily!

        And watch reviews of the Newtown Girls over beers and junk food.

  6. aw shit DJ natnoiz. y’all should check her out. she’s an actual DJ on the sydney lesbian scene.

  7. I’m feeling very “meh” about this. If anything, it’s cute. I will obviously watch every episode because it’s gay and I want to see if it gets better (ha).

  8. The Bank is usually filled with people, so it’s weird seeing it so empty. I guess they couldn’t film a normal night and just had to get a few extras in!

    I’m pretty much only watching this cause it’s my home town and queer… Hopefully it gets better, Alex is a hotty.

  9. As much as I want to enjoy this, I don`t think I will, because all of the characters seem pretty superficial (or maybe just super-Sydney!) from what I have seen in the episodes and read in the character bios.

    I also think this show lacks the Brian/Shane/Frankie/Evan character that we all know and love. Maybe hotty Alex is supposed to be that person, but she seems to lack the dark background that made the others intriguing.

    That said, I will prob watch every episode, because at least someone in Australia is giving it a go, which I admire and am thankful for!

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