The Comment Awards Are Fierce

Hello 387923479823 beautiful girls standing in front of me. How riveting was this week? It pretty much had me on the edge of my seat. I mean, first of all the appellate court FINALLY ruled that Prop 8 is unconstitutional. We’re going strong on artist attacks; this week we’ve got Judy ChicagoDiane Arbus10 websites for looking at picturesGran Fury and Laurel Nakadate. Then it was Laneia’s birthday. And don’t forget that we’re still in the running for the 2012 Bloggies! The Real Enough L Word parody is almost here and Crystal brought us dispatches from audiostraddle. Riese read more things that she loves and I read this month’s book club book: The Hunger Games. Penguins, If you haven’t read it yet, get on it! But prepare to fall off the face of the earth for a week. We cooked cauliflower and pasta, smoked paprika spinach and chickpeas and a Darjeeling Limited-inspired menu. Last but not least, we’ve got tips for weathering your May-December relationship and a personal essay on Sebastian’s first Christmas as a man.

On Bondage 101: A Lesbian Sexy NSFW Sunday Special:

The Arrow of Light Award to kd15: “So apparently I should’ve paid more attention in that knot-tying class I took back when I was like 12”

On My First Christmas As A Man In Kansas:

The Everything Award to Chrissy: “It fits into a world that attempts really hard to be inclusive. A world that attempts to expose the narratives of those who might/are be marginalized elsewhere. Girl on girl doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It exist right alongside those stories of a boy/man whose experience of a particular kind of gender performance happens to be new and enlightening. Girl on girl coexist alongside all of the other narratives that are hard to find in the mainstream. To ignore that is to practice the kind of segregation and divisiveness that continues to harm the LGBT community, the queer community, and the queer communities of color. So, yeah, that’s how it fits.”

On Super Bowl XLVI, Giants vs. Patriots, Is Today:

The Queen Victoria Award to hmhr: “Lie back and think of women’s soccer.”

The Media Studies Award to Katz: “My roommate has a bunch of people over to analyze the Super Bowl commercials. So we’re watching the commercials and ignoring the game and having conversations about what cultural ideals and norms etc are being portrayed in the commercials. It’s a pretty entertaining way to spend a Super Bowl.”

On Women’s Professional Soccer Cancels 2012 Season, Everyone’s Dreams:

The Lima Heights Award to Evidux:
[comment edited and stuff to make this show up]”


The Fact. Award to Toby: “If you were Jesus, today would be Christmas!”

On Known Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres Addresses JC Penney Controversy Like A Boss:

The More like 17 Award to Jessy: “Q: Is there anyone more awesome than Ellen?
A: No.
Q: Do The Million Moms need to learn how to count?
A: Yes.”

The Known Homosexual Award to BMW: “Main thought: I wish *my* title was Known Homosexual.”

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  1. hmhr: “Lie back and think of women’s soccer.”

    This is how I’m going to deal with stressful situations from now on.

  2. A comment award? For me? My weekend will now be butterflies and unicorns and all the rum I can drink. Thank you autostraddle!

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