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The Autostraddle Insider Issue 99: December 2022

Letter From Your Editors

HAPPY NEW YEAR! For December, here are our morning routines… because we are looking forward to the start of a new day. Get it? (Nico did not do this, Nico is not that corny. That’s all me.)

Anya and the Prospect Park Lake / Carmen on Christmas morning / Casey with Jimena / Darcy on a morning cold plungeDrew dissociating in a towel / Heather on a morning ride / Kayla with morning coffee / Meg and morning tarot pullLaneia morning cake / Nico morning coffee / Ro's mug / Viv still in bed

Well my friends, we made it. Another trip around the sun. Since taking over as Editor-in-Chief, usually I write our December letter from a place of exhaustion. There’s nothing...

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