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    Does anyone have a really weird specialism/major/pet subject that is really hard to describe to people, and when you do they look at you really funny? I used to be a musicologist, which was bad enough, but now I’m a politics-in-medieval-liturgy-ist and general manuscript botherer. Or, usually, ‘monks and stuff’. :D

    • Well, I’m planning to major in English when I go to college later this year. This really isn’t difficult to explain in itself, except for the fact that I have attended a Computer Science Academy for my four years of high school. So, when I tell people what I’m majoring in everyone gives me the same weird look (this includes friends, family, my school’s principal, our superintendant of schools, etc.) that consists of a raised eyebrow and a quirked head. After the weird look – it has to hurt, what with their necks at that weird angle for an ungodly amount of time as we sit in awkward silence – I try my hardest to clarify why I want to go into English and what exactly I plan on doing with my life, which usually doesn’t work. When I go on to say that I plan to double major in Theatre if things work out for me the whole process repeats itself.

    • Not as obscure but mechatronic engineering, I usually get the blank stare and what’s that? … “robots and stuff”