The Happiest Place On Earth

“I was guilty and heartbroken and I wasn’t ready to let go of her: my first kiss, my first time, my first girlfriend, my first love, my first everything and before that, my best friend.”

A+ Roundtable: Misconceptions About Lesbian Sex

There was a time before time, in the yawning abyss of darkness and starfire that is the infinite and ever-expanding universe — a time before any of us had had lesbian sex. Most of us thought about it, though, or tried to imagine how it would work! We were not always correct.

VIDEO! Getting In Bed with Kristin: Coming Out

We talked about all-thing-Coming-Out last week to celebrate National Coming Out Day! I gave lots of advice, had a wrestling match with my tripod, and went on a full-blown rant in discussing a mom who didn’t want her kid to come out because of how that might reflect on her parenting skills. A GREAT TIME HAD BY ALL.