Gal Pal Chronicles: Rachel and Lizz Have Been Obsessed With Each Other Since Roughly 2008

Rachel: “The writing & philosophy class I was required to take freshman year mostly sucked. But there was this one girl, Lizz, who seemed cool. She wore comic book tshirts and had beautiful shiny hair. One day after class, I announced to a friend, ‘Lizz is not straight. I can just tell.'”
Lizz: “There was something about Rachel that I just couldn’t shake. She spent a lot of time quoting feminist theorists who I’d never heard of and she had what I would later come to call ‘Congenital Gay Face.'”

Love & Canada: Just So Much Canada

“After explaining who Shannon was in relation to me, we were let in to go through airport-like security around 7:40, I was handed a laminated piece of paper with ‘Applicant 1’ on it and an accompanying feeling of having won at waiting in line, and we were let up to the floor for the interview at 8.”

Goodbye, California

“The threat to move to Michigan was always made in a specific context: some element of my life fell apart and I didn’t know how to fix it or myself.”

Love & Canada: Life Finds A Way (To Get In The Way)

“I spent a few minutes wondering whether that means we should be married faster, i.e., the day after whenever I get there, and then I looked at the calendar and realized the timeline is as tight as it can be (and maybe too tight as it is) and I took a really deep breath and anyway it’s probably going to be fine. But it was one of those moments where it felt a little more like leaving Canada is giving something up.”