It’s The Big Queer A+ Trivia Quiz Of The Year!

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One of the best things about any year coming to a close is the various end-of-year quizzes that pop up to remind us how incredibly short our memories are. Obviously, the main problem with such quizzes is that they are way too straight. So, totally on brand for Autostraddle right now, we have our very own gay 2022 quiz, just for A+ members!

There are fifty questions across ten subjects, so make yourself cozy and settle in for the trivia event of the year!

A+ Quiz of the Year 2022

Round 1: Coming Out Rebel Wilson surprised everyone (or maybe just me?) this June, when she announ...

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Sally lives in the UK. Her work has been featured in a Korean magazine about queer people and their pets, and a book about haunted prisons. She never intended for any of this to happen.

Sally has written 72 articles for us.