I Was Supposed To Be Good At Math

Art by Demetria

The one and only time I was invited to a frat party in college, I went with this boy (I thought) I had a crush on. We were in the same freshman social justice program together and I knew from his nonchalant style and charismatic hair flips that he would be a crucial vessel for networking. It’s not that I was using him, but I enjoyed the power game of gaining a reputation for myself. Dressed as a classic college fem, I navigated the musty, noisy hallways of the upperclassmen apartments hoping I didn't look too much like a newbie. When the door opened to what seemed like 100 cishet white men, I instantly whipped out my game face. I wanted to prove t...

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Em Win

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Em now lives in Los Angeles where she does many odd jobs in addition to writing. When she's not sending 7-minute voice messages to friends and family, she enjoys swimming, yoga, candle-making, tarot, drag, and talking about the Enneagram.

Em has written 47 articles for us.