S L I C K: Hank & Melanie

She stared at the camera as she slowly took off her dress; she liked the way Hank looked at her through the screen, his mouth parted, his eyes wide. She could hear his breathing, and she loved the way he gasped when she did anything that made him particularly proud. FaceTime sex was full of its own cues and rhythms. It was hot.

S L I C K: The Ass That Ate Back

Tanya wasn’t the kind of queer to make the first move, generally speaking, but that night was different. Marianne was different. She seemed more than interested in what Tanya had to say. Her words were gentle and warm, but funny and sexy. Like a horny heated blanket that could make you laugh.

The Best (and Worst) Gifts our Exes Ever Gave Us

‘Tis the season of giving! Also, the season of receiving. Ideally (and often!) this is a joyous event; sometimes it’s a confusing or neutral one; at worst, it’s harrowing. We’ve run the full gamut of these experiences, as you can see here!

A+ Holigay Bingo: An Interactive Internet Family Activity

How many of these seasonal experiences do you share? You can tell us by screenshotting the bingo card below on your laptop or phone screen, marking off the ones that describe you in a visual editor of your choice (perhaps Preview, or the Markup option on your iPhone!) and sharing it in the comments here.

S L I C K: Raincheck Part 1

You are just picking up Naomi. Your very good friend, Naomi, whom you have only not-so-jokingly offered to take up on her not-so-joking offer to fuck for a decade. She literally just got emotionally gut punched by some fuckboy. Don’t be another fuckboy. Not today. Unless she initiates. Fuck, she always initiates. Fuck, I missed my exit.

Finding Magic After a Difficult Year

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by crashing Towers and painful Deaths, the big changes and shifts within and around us, the endings and releasings and restructurings. But even when we aren’t sure what the fruits of our labors will be just yet, that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. Sometimes we shift and change in the darkest spaces, hidden from the world and even ourselves, slowly adapting until we are transformed from within.