Into the A+ Advice Box #22: Dating an Older Person, an Untenable Murder Cat Situation, and More!

Is it a “friend” coffee or a “date” coffee, unemployed and feeling unmoored, negotiating initiating intimacy in a relationship with two people on the asexual spectrum, you feel like your best friend is making questionable dating decisions, grooming your armpit hair, taking a break from therapy, you’ve never been in a long-term relationship, trying to exist outside of capitalism, possible pelvic floor concerns — and more!

Into the A+ Advice Box: US Politics Special Edition

We asked you for the political questions or issues keeping you up at night. From getting started in activism, to questions about phone banking and volunteering, to the Supreme Court and what will happen with the legalization of gay marriage, untangling the United States’ electoral system, talking to your conservative relatives, and more — the Autostraddle team takes on your questions related to the US election. We’re all super stressed, but at least we have each other!

S L I C K: Duckling

First I became a cloud-woman. Min had always liked watching them as a child, one of her only good memories from that period. I lifted up my skirts, let her lap up my water. Her mouth was covered in dew when I kissed her.

Into the A+ Advice Box #20: Reconsidering Your Perfectly Supportive Cis/Het Partner and More!

Making queer friends in quarantine, holding a candle for your ex, being out as bisexual at work, unpacking a past relationship with boundary issues, poly nesting feelings, roommates who make you feel like a fifth wheel, social media related envy in your creative community, and MORE! Become an A+ Member today to submit your own advice questions, get access to this twice monthly series, and keep Autostraddle going for everyone.