Editor’s Notes: On Bi+ Week 2020

“I know we don’t ever get to stop thinking entirely about the annoying issues we have to keep re-litigating over and over, but I do want us to get to move the conversation forward. And I want us to be able to have it on our terms – not as a reaction, not as a defense or a justification, but a conversation amongst ourselves about ourselves that lets us connect with and affirm each other.”

S L I C K: Wanna Cyber

Mostly I had chalked my ambivalence up to stifling antidepressants and emotional avoidance. Was I gutted of desire or was this a case of under exposure? Or was I supposed to own my simpleton truth and scream from a cliff, “I just want to dim the lights and be pegged, goddamnit!”

S L I C K: Yes, Daddy

I wanted you to dominate me, Daddy, and you relished the chance. The leather straps twirled through the air as the pain grew sharper and more familiar. It stung hard. And it felt so fucking good.