Interview With My Ex-Girlfriend: Mila

“I sent you a text overnight like, “I know this has been really hard but I’m gonna be home soon and I love you and it’s gonna be OK.” I woke up and you were like, “I can’t be your girlfriend,” and I… I was just blindsided.”

A+ Issues

Gal Pal Chronicles: Rachel and Lizz Have Been Obsessed With Each Other Since Roughly 2008

Rachel: “The writing & philosophy class I was required to take freshman year mostly sucked. But there was this one girl, Lizz, who seemed cool. She wore comic book tshirts and had beautiful shiny hair. One day after class, I announced to a friend, ‘Lizz is not straight. I can just tell.'”
Lizz: “There was something about Rachel that I just couldn’t shake. She spent a lot of time quoting feminist theorists who I’d never heard of and she had what I would later come to call ‘Congenital Gay Face.'”


A+ Podcast Episode Four: The Baby Queer Years

Our baby queer years were a confusing yet special time in our lives with lots of mishaps talking to girls in bars, exploring the lesbian internet, coming out to friends and navigating our first loves. Get in here and listen to the latest A+ Podcast!


The A+ Bee Issue 21: Bee Sheets To The Wind

This issue includes Laura and Luna gracing us with their ethereal presences, Dear Sour with tips on the best meal to eat on a full moon, the Pretty Little Liars caught in quite a scrape, and the Twin City straddlers hanging out and being adorable (per usual).