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The Autostraddle Insider Issue 94: July 2022

Letter From Your Editors

🎵 It's a cruel, (cruel) cruel summer🎵

That was the inspiration of this month’s photo collage. Look mean, but in an hot way. A cruel, cruel summer. And it’s certainly been that —

Carmen / Cassie / Drew / Em / Heather Viv / Kayla / Meg / Ro / ShelliNicole / Stef / Tracy / Vanessa

I’m writing you this letter from a Sunday, which is pretty rare. Sunday newsletters are always 35% more chaotic than a regular newsletter (just a little behind the scenes tidbit for you!) because ideally that means we’ve finished the Insider by Friday before the end of the work week, but when is life ever ideal? Or when does the Autostraddle train ever slow down enough fo...

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