Interview With My Wife: Jane

Hey, y’all. It’s shea. A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I drove across the country back to the East Coast for a quick teaching gig. Along the way, we ate crappy gas station snacks, belted out early 2000s hits, and yes – did this extensive interview with my S.O. which offers just a glimpse into the wild, beautiful ride that has been our last seven years together. Buckle up and enjoy!

shea: I've started. Should I do an interview, a real interview?

Jane: Sure. Why not?

shea: shea wesley martin reporting live from I-81 North.

Jane: That's not how you do it, babe. You're supposed to say “I'm recording, the date, who was present…”

shea: Oh, okay. shea wesley martin on Friday, July…

Jane: I don't know the date.


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shea wesley martin

shea martin (they/them/theirs) is a brilliant, queer, gender-expansive writer raised at the intersection of gospel and go-go (shout out to the DMV). With southern roots and Black queer magic, shea writes nonfiction, fiction, and poetry that smells like your grandmama’s kitchen and sounds like a deep blues moan. Find them dreaming on Twitter.

shea has written 30 articles for us.