The Comment Awards Are Still Excited About Camp

Hello Campettes and how are you this fine week? I missed you all last week when my power went out and didn’t get the chance to shrilly scream in delight about camp. Did you hear that
there’s a waiting list? Or that we’re giving out scholarships? You better move quick, it’s going to be a blast. If you can’t make it, you can stop by Chicago to see Riese at “Where Fun Goes to Die” (jk, UChicago was my dream school for college. Unfortunately dreams that cost $40,000 a year stay dreams). Rachel made a playlist this week for when you want everyone to be really quiet, probs because you’re hungover, and Crystal had this week’s edition of the music fix. We learned how to make peanut butter cookies with only three ingredients (!) and why we should reconsider any plans we might’ve had to hook up with Deanne Smith. On president’s day, we had a gallery of 50 first ladies being awesome, Riese recapped Pretty Little Liars, and the team wrote about their concert experiences in anticipation for Bonaroo 2012. This week in Art Attacks, we had Carmen on Yoko Ono, Jamie on Zanele Muholi, Whitney on The Malaya Project, Anna Iti on her feminist heroine t-shirt project, Riese on 12 great art house movies, Lizz on Kara Walker, Laneia on Dese’Rae L. Stage, and a friend on Maya Deren. Stay tuned next month for our theme: Queer/Here!

On Too Poor For A-Camp? We Have a Scholarship For That!:

The Selfless Award to tascha: “Also, also: if a lot of people contributing pretty small amounts could be helpful for getting another person to go, I would do that?”

On The Waiting List is the Hardest Part: Get In Line for A-Camp:

The “Selfless” Award to wasteunit: “I’m more than willing to share my bed with several ladies, so that should open up a few more spots, right? #teamplayer”

On NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Knows Why You Have Sex:

The And For Carrying Babies on Their Back? Award to Digger: “WAIT…How did I miss the woman with two vaginas on my first read through? So many feelings right now..Like when I used to wish women had a third breast in the middle of their back..You know..For when we’re dancing”

On Have a Feeling: Chocolate Cheddar Cheese:

The Nostalgia Award to Stephanie

On Happy President’s Day! 50 Pictures Of First Ladies Being Awesome:

The Representation Award to kd15: “In the autostraddle tradition of complaining that someone wasn’t represented in a list or gallery, I must ask where is (picked at random from a list of first ladies) Letitia Tyler and Hannah Van Buren?”

On DeAnne Smith and The Hook Up:

The Smooth Criminal Award to Hoda: “One time, I dropped a pot of freshly made coffee on a potential hook-up’s foot, and she didn’t want me to accompany her to the hospital.
That may or may not be because I had mistaken a framed picture of her grandma for Nelson Mendela 20 mins prior to the accident.”

On J.K. Rowling Is Writing A New Book, Try Not To Pee Your Pants:

The Depends Award to Jess R.: “Didn’t try hard enough. Covered in pee.”

The At Least Their Heads Won’t Explode Award to Beez: “I’m going to print out that book jacket and start carrying it around just to see how many people ask me about it.
“What are you reading?”
“Oh, just the new book by J.K. Rowling.”
So many people will pee themselves and it’ll be all my fault.”

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