The Autostraddle Insider: Issue Eight, February 2015

Letter From Your Editors
Hello kumquats!

Welcome to the eighth issue of the Insider, your behind-the-scenes look at how many lesbians it takes to screw in an energy-safe lightbulb. This month we decided to present a phototopia of all the things we enjoy doing in this great world! Check us out:

1st row, L to R: Alex dancing, Mari DJing, Laneia at Bonnaroo, Rachel putting away tacos, Fikri taking pictures 2nd row, L to R: July scuba diving, Mey at the movies, Kaitlyn watching Battlestar Galactica, Carmen brunching with Eli, Brittani killing it at improv 3rd row, L to R: Heather cuddling Margaret, Raquel chomping tacos, Stef slaying on drums, Maddie commanding a golf cart, Laura rocking karaoke 4th row, L to R: Robin on a sunny rooftop,...

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