50 Queer Women with Outrageously Good Hair

Sometimes lesbians have bad hair. There, I said it. It’s okay though, because actually sometimes all sorts of people have bad hair. Luckily, sometimes all sorts of people also have good hair. And lesbians just happen to be all sorts of people. Wow, look at that. So here I bring you 49 queer women and one self-proclaimed lover of androids with outrageously good hair!

Okay. Now everyone stop asking me on Formspring what a lesbian haircut looks like.

Tell us all about your favorite haircuts in the comments!

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  1. Jessica Clark’s wife, Lacey Stone, was my trainer in NYC until she moved this year to LA..They are 2 of the hottest freakin’ women..Fairly certain on the rare occasions Jessica was present, my mouth was agape and possibly drooling

  2. There are days when I really want a haircut like the one Amber Elizabeth is rocking. It reminds me of that cut Jennifer Goodwin rocked a while ago and kept styling up into a wicked pompadour. I WANT THAT.

    Then there are days when I want pretty, long locks…. so I just keep it at a bob in order to achieve a happy middle.

  3. Ruby Rose for the win! Getting a haircut on Thursday so this was perfect, still not sure what haircut to get but I want something CRAZY!

    • No joke, last time I was at the hairdresser both the apprentice and the guy who cuts my hair told me I should style my hair like Ruby Rose’s because it’s the right length and “it would look hot.”

  4. So… basically you are telling me that lesbian hair looks however the eff I want it to. ;)

  5. In the name of being respectful and nitpicky on the internet, I don’t know that Jiz Lee would appreciate being identified as a queer *woman* or as a lesbian judging from this from their online bio: “Please refrain from the words “Lesbian” or “woman””.

    But their hair is still awesome in all its different minimalist permutations!



    So much inspiration I don’t know what to do/if I can take it.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

  7. This post is relevant to my interests.

    In other news, I have an unhealthy obsession with Tegan Quin’s hair.

    • My gf got dreads put in recently. I spliced one particularly thick one for her. One wound up thinner than the other. The fatter one is now called Tegan; the thinner, Sara.


  8. I came here to find inspiration for my next cut and instead find mysel on this list! Thanks for the shout-out, that was a fun cut, got me lots of action. Maybe I’ll just have to do it again.

  9. Saw this and immediately thought, “Megan Rapinoe better be on this list.” I was not disappointed. :)

    • I had a Megan Rapinoe moment! Omg she made me obessed with women sports because those abs, good lord, I can’t even.

      *fans self*

  10. I’m trying for something similar to Hannah Blilie’s style in that picture, but I’m running into some trouble cause my hair is curly and not cooperating like I want it to

  11. Hannah Hart has the best hair ever and if I ever find a good picture of it I’m bringing it to my hairdresser to replicate.

  12. I’ve been growing my hair out with the intention of getting it rib length for really no reason whatsoever, but maybe that’s just for children and flower grandmothers? Maybe I need to cut it off?

    • Your hair is your hair. I like my own hair long enough to bury my hands in. I’ve spent the last few years growing mine from shoulder-length to about my elbows–my goal is down to my hips, just to be able to say I had it that long–and gotten nothing but compliments. (Well, except for that time I left a hair the cake. When your hair gets to a certain length it is damn hard to pass it off as anyone else’s.)

    • My hair varies between elbow-length and waist-length. I sometimes struggle with the idea that it doesn’t ‘look gay’ enough. And then I realize that, if I’m gay, and this is my hair, then this is gay hair.

    • You do you! I’ve had long hair, I’ve had short hair, I’ve had lots of kinds of hair in between. And as @Sylvatica said, if it’s on a queer girl, it’s queer hair, the end! <3

  13. What a blissful gallery! I think Carrie Brownstein’s hair would make a good addition to the list

  14. i’ve finally accepted the fact that i do not have awesome hair. i guess i’ll just have to live vicariously through these fine ladies~

  15. Sooo, is the author suggesting Janelle Monae is Queer or did you just put her on here because she “looks” Queer?

  16. DJ Saratonin gets several points in my book: Not just for the hair but for the Magen David, the blazer and the HI Hawaii tshirt.

    Evan Rachel Wood *sigh* My fave Jewish girl rn. Oh, and I love that you included Missy Higgins.

    And lastly, yay to the return to red, Lindsay!

  17. Unf Megan Rapinoe. Karina Leblanc and Sophie Schmidt are two other soccer players with incredible, gravity defying hair.

  18. Love, love, LOVE all of these haircuts,women/Androids!
    Makes me miss my Mohawk… But now I have
    an awesome Afro and a few members of my
    gay family have threatened to kick my butt if I ever cut it
    again… *sigh*
    But I do get many compliments daily about it, so
    It’s all good. :)

    • As a fellow QWOC with an AFRO you betta rock it babeeeehhhhhhh.


      Only so few of us do it. And I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but I’m a member/self-appointed President of the Queer Afros United Afro Appreciation Club.

  19. YESSSSS my botched-pixie-that-my-friend-fixed-up-with-embroidery-scissors looks almost exactly like Ruby Rose’s hair, except more retro-wavy and cinnamon-blonde. HELL YEAH.

  20. I gasped when I saw Sasha Mallory. I didn’t know she was out! I was pretty sure she was queer, because of gaydar, but… Cool. Cool cool cool.

  21. Loveeee curls, curls, curlsss!!! Especially loose & wild. Jasika Nicole, Stephanie, Miss March 2013 & Luna. All so diff but all so gorg! And I also love the style on Jincey Lumpkin, that sleek look with the soft waves. So classic!

  22. Thanks for reminding me how insanely hot Sara Quin looks. I’ll never get over my huge crush on her. ahh life is so unfair!

    Amyway I have a thing for Frankie Sandford hair right now, even if she’s not a queer. The only thing stopping me from cutting my hair like hers is that her bangs always cover her eyes and I find it annoying!

    • If I ever get over my crush for Sara Quin I will have to date boys.
      But I have a crush on Tegans hair.

  23. I want Nat Garcias haricut but im still trying to get up the courage to cut my hair short! Its been long-medium length for a while now. I just dont want to look ridiculous with short hair and be another bad haircut lesbian :0

  24. It is so refreshing to see so many lesbians with long hair on this list. So many people in the general population AND in the queer community associate short hair with lesbians and long hair with straight women. There is no “lesbian hair.”

  25. There should be an option to save favourite AS posts – this would definitely be one of them

  26. How come no one’s commenting about Riese’s hair?? Where’s the respect?

    Jk all the hairstyles here are lovely.

      • 5 year old Riese reminds me of his girl I knew in pre-k who gave me a slug, I screamed and threw it across the playground.

        BUT I LIKE (COVERED IN) BEES! Not really I watched ‘My Girl’ and feared bees but I respect the shit out of them because of the Magic School Bus epi about them. I’m pretty sure remembering the bus itself was omnisexual turing into different things and shit, quite magical LIKE THESE QUEER HAIRCUTS. I need a queer(er) hair cut when I move to NYC it will happen, oh look a queer girl city guide about different NYC spots thanks AS!!

        Damn, 5 year old Riese’s hair cut gave me all kinds of childhood memories…FOND ONES! :D

  27. Actually, Louise Brooks was straight. She specifically said she didn’t believe in bisexuality and just liked making people think she was queer.

  28. Even though Janelle says she likes androids, I still don’t see how that makes her ‘queer.’ Trust me, I want her to be a lesbian!lol She has a huge lesbian fan base, I get why she would say ‘androids.’

    • The caption under her picture says:

      ‘Janelle Monae (doesn’t identify as queer, necessarily, but is very much “no labels,” and says she’s mostly attracted to androids, look we just need to include her hair here for you)’

  29. I’m really happy about the number of women on this list with pretty long fancy hair. I’ve always had this random urge to chop my hair off just to “look gay”, but I LOVE my shoulder-length curls too much to do it, and this is more reassurance that yes, I am gay enough regardless of what my hair looks like. Thanks.

  30. *lifts up rock, rubs eyes, comes out crawling*

    wait, Kate Moennig is and out queer lady?

    • samesies about kate! in my head there is NO doubt, but she’s always so coy about it. not that it matters, but it kinda makes her even that much more awesomer.

  31. I love Ruby Rose’s hair, especially when she had that really light teal-ish colour, wow.

    Plus Janelle Monaé is just incredible!

  32. really thats the best pic of rapinoe u could find..
    where are whitneys dreads?! lol idk kinda blazed just my thoughts

  33. Please check out MANETAMED.US in New YOrk,, Brooklyn,,, for hottest lesbian haircuts!

  34. This post is unbelievably awesome! As someone who often gets pegs as having a “lesbian haircut”, I appreciated the diversity of this post.

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