A+ Valentine’s Day Roundtable: From The Mouths Of Our Babes

This Valentine's Day we decided to stop talking about ourselves for a minute and LET OTHER PEOPLE TALK ABOUT US INSTEAD. For this roundtable, we asked our loved ones to share their favorite things that we've written, and they did! (Look out for the follow-up post about squabbles had with significant others regarding this assignment.)

Ali Osworth, Editor
Abby, Her Fiancée

Fighting Disordered Eating As a Masculine-of-Center Woman: I don't think I could ever open such an intimate part of myself to the chaos of the internet. But it's a story that clearly resonates, and an experience that is lived but not often talked about, and that's so, so important. Changing the narrative has to start with us. Basically I was really proud of you that you wrote this and shared it with the internet.

Moving Beyond Lesbian Bed Death: Bridging the Libido Gap: I actually think this is one of the best things you've written for AS. Your advice pieces are always so perfect. You manage to give re...

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