The Comment Awards Are Still Trying To Wake Up

Hello friends and lovers! How are you? I am sleepy because my gym is closed all week which means I have gotten zero exercise and subsequently zero sleep. Thank gosh Rachel figured out the secret recipe for iced coffee. This week we have more from the Here/Queer vault including a beautiful piece on Northern Ireland, city guides for Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a tour of Brooklyn, a sexy story from Oxford, a get baked Australia-style, and we put out a call for more submissions. Laneia wrote about how to get divorced from a man, Lizz listed 50 queer women with rad hair, and Crystal brought you the weekly-ish Audiostraddle music fix. We’ve got Riese’s recap of Pretty Little Liars, the newest episode of The Newtown Girls and a promo/fundraiser for Unicorn Plan-It. Speaking of UPI, the girls are heading to Dinah Shore this weekend and Alice made you a playlist about it. Brittani’s going too and she (totally unrelated because I think we all know she’s going to enjoy herself there!) made you a playlist for striking out with the ladyfolk. Finally, we had Riese’s turtle/TIRTIL, a formspring friday with answers from you and more Autostraddle T-shirt on sale!

On Get Baked: Australian Edition:

The How Do You Know You’re Not Upside-Down? Award to terracottatoes: “my problem is figuring out how to eat all this stuff right-side up, in the northern hemisphere”

On REVEALED: NOM’s Deplorable, Racist Tactics For Beating Gay Marriage:

The You Forgot IKEA Award to Maria: “and just this very day we considered re-naming our institute of scandinavian studies to “heathens and homos”.
’cause it’s true.”

On Playlist: So You Struck Out:

The Your Mom’s Friend Zone Award to Ami: “I think because lesbians are “known for” so frequently sleeping with our friends group, so the term friend zone doesn’t seem to hold as much weight or finality??
I personally refer to myself as slut-zoned sometimes, which I think is what happens to me instead of being friend zoned…”

On I See White People: “Hunger Games” and a Brief History of Cultural Whitewashing:

The I Knew It Wasn’t Just Me Award to chrissie riot : “Can I just say that that picture is super scary. Like Adults of the Corn or something. I’m really creeped out. “

On My Top Ten Fears In Which The Worst Case Scenario Is Actually Not That Bad:

The Chick Magnet Award to Launa: “I have decided to curb my fear of spiders, though. I’ve gathered over time that a lesbian who can kill spiders (or gently move them out of the house) without flinching gets all the girls.”

On Watch Rachel Maddow on Letterman, Listen to Her on Fresh Air, Then Win a Copy of “Drift!:

The AWARD Award to Digger : “Any thoughts on naming our first child?”

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  1. Trying to decide if this is better/worse than when I got an award for my “that time at band camp…” comment.

  2. I just now realized that the image accompanying all Comment Award threads is a puppy peeking over a laptop, not a puppy-sized bathtub. It’s odd the things your subconscious fills in for you when you’re not really paying attention.

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