The Autostraddle Insider: Issue 47, July 2018

Letter From Your Editors
Hello Thirst Traps!

This past month, Vanessa ranked ten floors she had recently lied upon. We found this activity downright inspirational. Feel free to share photos of yourself lying on the floor in the comments. Really lean in to this catastrophe summer. Feel yourself. As one might argue if one cared about astrology (I do not): it's Leo season!

1st row: Al, Rachel, Stef, Heather2nd row: Riese, Carmen, Cameron, Vanessa3rd row: Audrey, Yvonne, Lex, Casey4th row: Sarah, Tiara, Laneia, Kayla

I spent the top of this month in Portland, sitting at a table with Cee and Sarah while we made plans for the future, including some new layout things and an A+ member drive, and also they tinkered, bit by bit, with our current design — specifically: changing fonts and how categories are displayed on the front page and the drop-down in the sidebar and a few other things too. "The website looks amazing," said Yvonne. "It's like a cool drink of water." We feel the same:...

You Have Reached A+ Content!

This is one of the 3-4 posts we publish each month just for A+ members. Why? Well, because...

We Need Help

It's do or die for us now: our community-funded publication is facing serious budget shortfalls and increasing competition for talent and advertising from new corporate-owned LGBTQ+ media properties. 95% of our income comes from YOU, our readers. We just barely hit our goal of 3k members in 2018, and will need another 1,000 members in the next six months to make it through the summer!

Autostraddle Plus is a way for loyal readers like you to support us for as little as $4 a month, and in return get a peek behind the curtain of Autostraddle with posts like this one. Best of all, you're helping us keep free for everybody — free of cost, free from pop-up and pre-roll advertisements, and also free from the inevitable compromises made by sites that cater to marketers, not readers.

A+ is a sustainable way for queer people and allies to opt into a system that financially supports other queer people, creating work that changes lives and impacts communities.

Make a lot of good people very happy: join A+ today!
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