A+ Monday Roundtable: Dying a Million Lesbian Bed Deaths

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Lesbian Bed Death, as I'm sure you know, is the idea that lesbians in long-term relationships have less sex than straight couples in longterm relationships. Some of our staff have experienced it and some of our staff think it's a hoax and some of our staff think it's a hex. We can't know for sure what the deal is with it because The L Word waffled on its definition and depiction of bed death, and how else are we supposed to understand fighting, fucking, crying, cheating, etc. if not with the help of Bette and Tina?

In this week's Monday Roundtable, we're taking things to the A+ place and asking our writers and editors: Have you ever experienced bed death in your relationship? If you did move past it, how? Has bed death ever signaled the end of a relationship for you? Has a fear of bed death ever made an impact on your relationships? Do you think bed death isn’t a big deal and we should stop talking about it?

Laneia, Executive Editor

I'm not sure I be...

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