What 4 TV Shows Do You Love More Than Anyone Else?

“These roundtables are fun, because sometimes I’m answering and I’m like GOD I’M SO MYSELF and I feel that here. Not just because I feel anxious about whether I really can claim to like these more than anyone I know, but also because my answers are just so aggressively me.”

What’s the Gayest Not-Gay Film Your Parents Rented You From Blockbuster?

“Foxy Brown quickly became my favorite film of the blaxploitation classica. Pam Grier — yes, that Pam Grier, Bette’s big sister (it’ll annoy me forever that that’s how generations of queer women remember Grier) — was just astounding in the titular role… badass and unrelentingly sexy. The other awesome thing about that movie? I think it was the first time I’d seen a lesbian bar on screen.”

We Took REI’s Extended Sizes Apparel Out for a Hike, a Zombie Attack, and a Photo Class — Here’s What We Learned

REI invited Abeni, Vanessa, and Heather to choose one of the zillion classes they offer and sent them some apparel from the extended sizes line to test drive. Afterward they got together to talk about the gear, the outdoor sessions, extended sizing in general, and what it’s been like to work with REI at Autostraddle over the past year.

What We Love and Hate About Dating Virgos

If you want to catch the attention of a Virgo in your life, you might find the following phrases to be useful: “What if we get up early and clean your bathroom?,” “I need your advice,” and “Will you edit this for me?” (The advice, like that in the present paragraph, will just as often be unsolicited.)