Happy Birthday to Us, Happy Comments from You! It’s the Comment Awards!

Another week, another year! This time around, Laneia interviewed riot grrrl expert Marisa Meltzer, and we talked about movies about badass girls. Julie and Brandi reviewed Shutter Island in the third episode of “In Your Box Office”, Crystal and Riese recapped JJ’s episode of Skins, and we liveblogged the Oscars. Taylor had a first look at Final Fantasy XIII, Becky told us what to wear to music festivals and we all had many feelings about Adam Lambert‘s gayness, sex god status, and the debatable mutual exclusivity of the two. Lily went to a dance with a girl but since girls in Mississippi can’t, we’re making a gallery of lady couples. Send us your photos! And now, onwards lesbian soldiers.


On RuPaul Inappropriate Black History Month Role Model, Says LA Mayor.:

The We All Make Mistakes Award to Julia from MI: “I wish I was cool enough to do a report on Ru Paul in elementary school. I did one on Regan and I regret it to this day.”

On NSFW Sunday:

The Sexy Is What We Aim For to Bri: “I’m almost 100% that my ogling of this page ruined my lenten promise to give up porn.”

On Oscars Live Blog:

The Accidental Double Entendre Award to via: “Double fist those oscars Katie, double fist.”

On Anti-Gay CA Senator Ashburn Walks Our of Gay Bar, Gets DUI, COMES OUT:

The Cake Baked Out Of Rainbows Award to vida : “the first thing i said when i heard this story last week was “you know, if he’s really gay, that’s just sad… to hate yourself.” there’s enough people out there that hate us… the least we could do is love ourselves.”

On Gay Equality Will Require More Imagination, Less Talk of Buttsex:

The bcw Award for bcw to bcw: “everytime i try and comment on the serious and thoughtful parts of this post all that comes into my brain is

On Marisa Meltzer’s Actual Girl Power:

The Demographics Award to Sally and Ziggy Hreins:

On Lady Gaga Joins Rockband, Infinity Ward Drama and Hello Battlestar Galactica MMO!:

The Engrish Award to Beck: “The facebook thing is extra awkward if you’re using the japanese interface because the japanese version of ‘like’ translates roughly as ‘isn’t that nice!’. So you get hilarious inappropriate situations like ‘3 dead, 2 wounded in fire’ 2 people are saying, ‘isn’t that nice!'”

On What Should I Wear to a Music Festival?:

The Let’s Make Out Award to Mindy: “Oh yes. TOMS = favorite shoes. And when people ask me about them I get to say “oh it’s a social-entrepreneurship sort of company – when you buy a pair they give a pair to a child in a third world country” etc. and that makes girls go “Oh that’s so cool” and I say “yeah, I know. Do you think I’m as cute as my shoes?” and take it from there.”

The Vegan Award for Lesbianosity to JentheJew: “Leather is a bad plan for shoes if it might get wet, because they will rub and you will have huge blisters and you vegetarian friend will make fun of you and claim the cows are seeking revenge. Not that I would do that. I am a nice lesbian.”

On Kristen Stewart’s “Runaways” and 10 Other Badass Girl Team Movies:

The Bill Nye Award to southpaw: “what about Tank Girl? according to science, 4 out of 5 lesbians recommend Tank Girl for getting your friends out of the closet.”

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