VIDEO: Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office #3: Sh*tter Island

Julie & Brandy’s episodes are supposed to debut every other Monday. But due to a series of fortunate events, you are soooo lucky and you’re gonna get episode #3 a week early! This week, the girls decided to see a blockbuster movie, Shutter Island.

The Shutter Island parody, “Sh*tter Island,” is pretty remarkable. so get some of whatever it is Whoopi Goldberg was advertising during the Oscars last night because you will need it because um, this is kinda the funniest one yet.

Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard are the Matt and Ben of Lesbian Movies.  They are a sensational acting/writing duo that are trying to cause a sensation with their sensational, lesbian romantic-comedy, Nicest Thing.

Since no one wants to make their movie or cast them in anything, they feel it is their duty to harshly judge everyone else’s work; based on a sliding scale of rage, bitterness, lesbianisim, and lack of any real significant training.

If you missed it, here’s Julie & Brandy In Your Box Office #2: Paranormal Activity and Episode One – “Avatar”. Per always, this video was edited by Riese and you can always catch up on all the great offerings over at Autio/Video on our Video Blog page.

Actually the footage for this one was so incredibly awesome that we’re definitely seeing a DVD Extras special in our future. It will include “Cameltoe Island,” a short film that did not make the final cut, but is nevertheless funny.

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  1. Now see, I really enjoyed Shutter Island. The ending was totally predictable, and they literally gave it away in the first previews released for it. But it was done in a way, I thought, that wasn’t completely like “ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT’S THE MOVIE?!”

    However, it was two hours of Brand running around in a cute little hat, it would’ve probably been the best movie I’ve ever seen.

    • Wow, let’s try again.

      However, IF it was two hours of BRANDY running around in a cute little hat, it would’ve probably been the best movie I’ve ever seen.

      • As far as the movie goes, you summed it up WAY better than I did below! I agree :)

        Oh and by the end of the first season of “Julie & Brandy in Your Box Office”, I’m sure there will be at least enough footage to make a Brandy-running-around-in-her-hat-montage for YouTube, lol.

        • that would be an amazing montage, hopefully it could be set to something from the twilight new moon soundtrack

  2. I had strong doubts about this movie so THANKS for reaffirming my instincts to not bother going to see this but still entertaining me as if I had! Julie and Brandy are wonderfully disgusted with all the films so far – pull your socks up Hollywood! I, too, would prefer to see ‘Fire Island’ the Movie!

  3. I did see this movie and I was kind of indifferent. I laughed a lot because I thought it was absolutely ridiculous. But if I was expecting to be scared or enjoy it on a serious note… it sucks. Hahaha.

    The cave part of the reenactment cracked me up.

  4. Julie & Brandy need to review Alice in Wonderland so they can reenact it as “Alice in Lesboland.”

    • OMG here’s why that’s magic:

      1.i just listened to a voicemail from julie from earlier where she told me that the next movie they are doing is alice in wonderland.

      so on point jess

    • I can’t wait for the review of Alice in Lesboland! I feel like I am one of the few who actually thought it was just okay and pretty much pointless in 3D. I swear, if they give it a double fist or something of the sort, I won’t know what’s wrong with me! But, I’ll save that review for episode 4.

      • i think that i am actually gonna go see alice in wonderland, it will be my grand return to the movies after not seeing any movies in the theater since milk in december 2008. i wonder if that will impact my editing. actually probs it will make me closer to the subject and therefore make it harder. still i am excitant.

  5. “There’s only one way on this island and only one way off… it’s a ferry.”

    I don’t think I ever have to see another movie again if Julie and Brandy just keep this amazingness coming. So much LOL in that “preview” reenactment and in Julie’s impression of gay guys in a “Fire Island” spoof. WIN.

  6. I love the ending and will prob refer to martin scorcese like that from now on but not as funny

  7. This is spot on. I’m not a big fan of this style of movie but I still gave it a chance, until the pointless, utterly pointless ending destroyed any hope of me not hating the movie. I hate movies that make me feel like I wasted 2+ hours of my life. The New York Times’ review said it best: “Something TERRIBLE is afoot. Sadly, that something turns out to be the movie itself…”

    Interesting choice of music – I find it strangely fitting you had “Antarctica” playing in the background.

  8. the ending of this is soo good. i also love the cave part and when julie pulls out a spoon and fork. i plan to wait until shitter island comes out on dvd before i consider watching it. mostly because i would probs be scared shitless in the theatre. i scare easy.

  9. “the walls were… very walled-in…” lmao! “evaporated!”

    Omg Julie and that dress. I need them to adopt me, stat.

    And the end!

    Yep, that’s it, adoption paper time. Sorry mom, you can be my um… Cousin…?

  10. I was gunna Sh*tter Island; however, I opted for Alice in Wonderland. It was quite worth it. =D I have another free movie pass & popcorn, so odds are I’ll see SI for shits and giggles. Or maybe The Crazies? Has anyone seen that yet? Grrr, oh the choices!

  11. Finally!!!!a website where I can see the latest Julie Goldman. Brandy and Julie share good chemistry online.

  12. I give two thumbs up for Julie’s word “translobialpsychblaticdivblah” = lobotomy.

    It’s like how real drugs are named. “I’m writing you a prescription for Alprazolam.” What? Ooooh, you mean Xanax. Thanks Doc.

    I actually liked Shutter Island and I think it’s because I wasn’t trapped by the “twist”. Seriously, you know what’s happening just from the trailer. And I was almost pissed at the end, thinking, really? It WAS what I thought this whole time? But, I appreciated how it wrapped up. I took it more for the struggle of trying to deal with the grief and horror he’s had to live with from this one incident in his life. And in the end being aware that he just can’t live with it and is willing to sacrifice himself, being fully aware of the consequences.

    I also thought the film was beautifully shot and I appreciated the not so subtle Hitchcock elements (easy to go along with knowing Scorsese is a big fan of Hitchcock). I loved the dream scenes and the score that played along with them. It sucked me in, what can I say? And I’m sorry, but when Leo picked the kids up out of the pond? I was devastated. Can you imagine? So, to suffer with all of that and have this whole movie essentially built around this huge loss, I liked it from that perspective.

    Forget the marketing campaign of the “twist”. That’s always a hint for, it’s not going to be as good of a twist as we want you to believe.

  13. I really had no intention of seeing this movie so I’m glad you saved me cash by re-in-acting it.

  14. Lol, AMAZING!!! I’d much rather see a feature length Julie & Brandy version than the actual film. Plus that dog is such a star too, but needs some headphones to go with that hoodie!!


    “HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY AUTOSTRADDLE!!” And may there be many, many more years to follow!!

  15. You freaks make me pee my pants. PS Julie, love you in a dress. Please be a femme, HA!

  16. i blame myself for this movie sucking. I ran into Leo with my breakfast one morning while he was waiting to get on the water taxi to go to the island to shoot. my bad y’all so sorry.

  17. Yeah, I watched this a few weeks ago and then stumbled upon this video…….DEFINITELY agree. I wish I had watched this instead. Glad I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

  18. How did Leonardo manage to have memories (not mammeries, ladies) of the Good Ol’ bad days of Dubya Dubya Too, without bringing along his faithful flame thrower — shades of the 14 fists of MaClusky, — heck, he even showed off how he still could Schpreck a liddle Doitsch. Mighta been more useful than those party gag “guns” he was gonna splatter a few people with. Great way to introduce a little color (red) in the production. Top it off, credits trailer illegible.

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