Adam Lambert at Sydney Mardi Gras: Even Gayer Than That Gay Kiss Thing!

Adam Lambert performed at Sydney, Australia’s Gay Mardi Gras with a giant gold codpiece, glitter in his hair, a tight ass, and an entire team of homosexy dancers, crowning him the shiniest weirdo ever (and we say that with love). This is probably the gayest thing we’ve seen since Adam Lambert’s album cover, and the only context in which we are actually delighted by a bunch of half-naked guys sticking their cocks in our faces!

No but really; what’s consistently interesting about Adam (and Lady Gaga for that matter) is that just when you expect him to retreat from his homosexiness, he freaking throws on some black latex sexpants and gyrates while a dude in underpants and leather humps a gold statue.  You know what I mean — how just when an out gay performer seems to have gotten REALLY gay, they’ll slow down a bit, wait for the tide to settle, try to stay balanced, don’t want to scare the kids… but apparently Adam doesn’t really give a f*ck and besides, this is how he’s used to performing, which is key. “Not giving a f*ck” is very hot, we like that in a man (not you John Mayer, you go back to your room now).

Realistically, Adam’s got a lot of people telling him what to do right now and someone said this was okay (which is a big choice to make in the YouTube era, when stars can’t go do gay performances for gay audiences and expect no one outside of the community to see it), which is a good sign w/r/t tolerance for homosexiness. The reaction to his AMA kiss was, of course, a bad sign. So now we’re even. (Also, he’s been dancing like this for years, babies, like before American Idol.) And we love it!

That being said, those weren’t Adam’s dancers, they were the Mardi Gras dancers. It’s like Iron Chef Australia and the dancers are the main ingredient!

Also, he’s going to be doing a VH1 Unplugged on March 10th.

Boulder’s GLBT community is rallying around a lesbian couple told by a Catholic school that they can’t re-enroll their preschooler next year because of their relationship. Aicila Lewis, executive director of Boulder Pride, said her organization is investigating the situation to see if anything can be done to help the family, and the group is talking with community members about discrimination “in our own backyard.” (@daily camera)

Our shameless pleas for votes have paid off! We won the 2009 Lezzy Award for Best New Lesbian Blog! We couldn’t have done it without you! We’d like to thank God and the gays. Congratulations to Dorothy Surrenders, Grace the Spot, Up Popped a Fox, My Big Fat Gay Wedding, Feministing, Peaches & Coconuts, Making Space, Sugarbutch, The Lesbian Lounge, and AfterEllen!

Hey, did you hear about this yet? The official in the Vatican who was caught ordering male prostitutes over the phone? Aside from laughing a little at the Vatican’s expense while they scramble to figure out what to do about the fact that despite their crazy homo-hatred some good Catholics are in fact gay, we can also laugh about the weird hierarchy of the Vatican – Angelo Balducci, the man in question, is “a Gentleman of His Holiness” – and how funny everyone sounds when they are quoted in this article! “”In order to organise casual encounters of a sexual nature, he availed himself of the intercession of two individuals who, it is maintained, may form part of an organised network, especially active in [Rome], of exploiters or at least facilitators of male prostitution.” (@theguardian)

Lindsay Lohan co-DJed a set with Gareth Geno in London on Thursday night. Apparently some partygoers were not impressed, like “eyewitness,” who sounds very reliable: “”Lindsay was clearly struggling to play the set on her own and had to ask Gareth for help,” continued the eyewitness. “You could tell she didn’t didn’t know what she was doing… Lindsay constantly had a drink in her hand the whole time she was playing.” Also, here’s a picture of her wearing an animal print coat. Click over to Jezebel to read the Mean Girls jokes in the comments. (@jezebel)

The best thing about the Olympics ending is that you can still get all the Johnny Weir you want without having to listen to annoying homophobic commentators. Here he picks out an Oscars outfit! (@theadvocate)

I guess they made out once? 50 years ago? “The first play I did was in Greenwich Village in the early ’60s. Barbra Streisand and I played lovers and we kissed,” Rivers recalls. “This was before she was singing, before anything. I knew she was talented, but you never know what someone will be. She was a fabulous kisser, that’s what I knew.” (@theadvocate)

We have no words. Maybe we should LOOK IN A BOOK AND FIND SOME

The UK can now boast its first lesbian prison wedding! ” A murderer who knifed her neighbour to death has married a fellow criminal in the country’s first lesbian prison wedding. Sara Crane, who was jailed for life in 2003 for killing David Thompson on the doorstep of his Purley home, tied the knot with drug dealer Joanne Davis in a secret ceremony at Send prison, Surrey. Um, file this one under “we’re not sure how to feel.” (@locallondon)

Hi, this is DJ Ruth Flowers. (@gawker)

Hey, Rich at fourfour started a tumblr! It’s a collection of screenshots of times when he pauses movies while watching them. I am not making it sound very interesting, but it is! Check it out! (@fourfour)

Oh, hi. Hello there.(@ohnotheydidnt)

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  1. GO ADAM! Love how he’s not hiding who he is and trying to be someone he’s not XD I also love Johnny Weir! Can’t wait to see him at the Oscars he’s so much fun! And cute ; )

  2. I don’t like to think of the Vatican people as GAY. They are hypocrite pedophiles, more like. Ok this one wasn’t a pedophile but he was a hypocrite male prostitutes client, and the important news is not him being “gay” but him being an asshole.

    In Italy (Rome) no one wants to give the ordinary, out gays the rights they are entitled to because otherwise all the people in power will have a lot less fun paying boys and MTFs for sex.

    I am not kidding. Recently a big scandal broke out because the President of the Region Lazio (the Rome region) had sex with a Brazilian MTF named Brenda. In a few days, Brenda became a star and the President resigned. A month later Brenda was killed in her house.

    Everyone knows many Members of the Parliament, most of them married, have secret encounters with male or MTF prostitutes. These people are not GAY, they are muthafuckers.

    If one does not make a clear distinction between the two categories, one ends up equating sexual orientation with perversion. The recent law proposal against homophobia was rejected on the grounds that it could protect “pedophiles, zoophiles, and necrophiles”. I mean, they were probably thinking of themselves. So they need to know, and we need to tell them, that they are not gay, they’re a bunch of perverted monsters. Which is totally different.

      • He has enough straight scandals already. If he were gay we would be safe, given his habit of making new laws to suit his personal interests.

        btw ADAM LAMBERT IS GAY not the Vatican people, the Vatican people are just monsters (no offense to cute monsters).

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  4. I didn’t think Adam was too gay at all – the guy dancers were a bit gay but Adam wasn’t. This performance was really mild considering the venue. Adam was perfect – he basically stood singing perfectly while the dancers did their thing all around him. Adam was not risque at all. The writer of this article is really stretching the truth making it sound alot more gay than it was. Adam’s outfit was gorgeous as was Adam himself.

  5. Of course the news writer would use such a title “gayer” to get attention. There is nothing gay in that performance. It’s only hot and sexy. Adam is a phenomenal singer and performer.
    Glad that in this world there would be a place where artists could go and kill it : )
    Oooo I can’t wait to see this guy performe live!!

    • That performance was Gay, Hot and Sexy. How are “gay” and “hot and sexy” mutually exclusive? We loved the gay kiss, we love the gay Mardi Gras show, we love it all. This is a gay website.

      • This is a gay website? Gross, I’m outta here.

        I don’t even care enough about this Lambert dude to watch a video of him or whatever, but damn I like looking at pics of him. Oh so pretty. And witty and gaaaaaaaay.

    • Stephanie, you are precious. Just precious. So maybe you missed the inherent gayness of this website, but at the top of this page is a HUGE ad for Motherf*cking Dinah?

      But I totally won’t hold it against you. I’ll bring you some educational materials. When you and me are done, you’ll know gay = hot and sexy.

      Call me.

    • Here’s the part where I hope this is one of those this-is-the-same-person-commenting-lots-of-times things.

    Where did that performance take place?
    And where is he performing next?

    • In Australia at Sydney Mardi Gras.
      I think his next big performance is in Vancouver, though he may have some stuff in Japan and Singapore while he’s there.

  7. Glamberts, are you fucking serious?

    I adore Adam, I’m a big fan but your passive agressiveness is stupid!

    Being gay does not preclude being hot or sexy. He was hot and sexy and motherfucking GAY. Deal with it for fuck’s sake!!!

    He was gay as shit, at gay Mardi Gras, with a predominant gay audience and gay dancers. Need a diagram? Being gay, or Gayer or whatever, is not an insult!

    Be more GAY Adam pleaseeee!

    Girls you’re awesome!

  8. Another 8th grade reporter. Gotta love it. Can’t people afford to pay actual reporters? Hope Adam dresses like that for his next show in the States!!!!

    • Another 8th grade reader. Gotta love it. Can’t afford the time to actually read what the article says and realize that we, just like you, hope that Adam dresses like that for his next show in the States?

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  10. As usual, awesome review of Adam Lambert! I, for one, love to see the love Aussies have given Adam. Also love that our Aussie friends appreciate Adam letting his freak flag fly! So great to see him getting some much needed love from LGBT community in Australia. BTW, I thinks those pants and codpiece should be required wearing for ALL future Adam Lambert performances, don’t you?! Adam needs gay, lesbian and tranny dancers back in the US as well!

  11. Adam was sexy and sang great. His costume was great and if you consider it gay then what do you call the costumes KISS has been wearing for the last 30 years?

    • Kiss’s costumes refer a lot to Japanese samurai costumes, which are super traditionally masculine. But the costumes also refer to glam rock and were born in an era where hetero guys wore that stuff. All in all it’s easy to read Kiss as heterosexual because of what their costumes refer to and how they perform in them.

      In the now, Adam Lambert’s costume emphasizes a glittery masculinity that reads as really, really gay. It’s the latex and the hair and the non-ironic pelvic thrusting, btw.

      Adam was sexy, sang great, and his costume was super gay. I love that, because I love gay people and don’t see a contradiction between “gay” (especially gay male masculinity) and “sexy”. Gay is sexy, fool!

    • Honey, Adam Lambert’s gold codpiece was super gay. Like, Freddy Mercury levels of gay on the gayometer. Elton John levels. BUT WE LOVE GAY WE ARE GAY WHY IS EVERYONE ACTING LIKE GAY IS AN INSULT ME AND MY PLAID SHIRT AND UHAUL FULL OF CATS ARE GOING HOME.

  12. …dude, it was at a gay mardi gras. I’m pretty sure he was trying to make it a gay performance. Calm down, Glamberts, calling it gay is not an attack.

    That being said, he is FABULOUS.

  13. you guys adam lambert is fucking fantastic but also also watch the lost bois video, it makes me feel rainbows and sunshine and kittens inside my soul

  14. I really wish that you obvs hetero commentators would go somewhere else. How dare you dumb asses come onto a lesbian blog and try to closet the very GAY Adam Lambert. Check it out girls he likes dick. He sucks dick. He fucks dick. He doesn’t want you girls okay give it up!

  15. I thought Adam Lambert was hot, sexy, and gay. You know what else I think is sexy? Australian accents.

  16. C’mon Glamberts, pay attention to WHERE YOU ARE! It’s Autostraddle, ffs.

    I’ll make it easier for you – GAY is not a bad word or a criticism. FAG is the word to object to, mkay?

    Adam is sparkly, fabulous and delicious. Hope you never fall out of love with him, Autostraddle. I love your Adam posts.

  17. Adam Lambert’s ass looks AMAZING in those “latex sexpants”, as they were described.

    But I don’t like the codpiece. I guess this is why I’m way over on the gay side of bisexual, when I see a glittering “Hey look at my penis!” penis-holder thing, I think, “Oh. Er… OK” instead of “All right, codpiece! Work that!”

    • Ha Ha – Well you know how the fellas like to hi-light their “assets”. Anyone remember the “Word Up” video by Cameo back in the 80s? Now that was a codpiece!

  18. that lost bois video was awesome. i always loved reading rainbow growing up. also, i new have two new crushes, thanks, rachel!

    • you are welcome forever. i feel weird b/c they are both supercute but i am not sure how old they are? maybe it’s just that they’re on a playground that makes me feel like a perv.

  19. Glam Rock Style actually ! It’s actually not ‘gay’ and Adam’s performance wasn’t gay in the least, it was just sexy, some of the ‘dancers'(amateurs) did gay dancing moves. Adam was busy singing and making sure he went to all four directions -fans were on all sides- his singing was outstanding and it was a Glam Rock all the way.I hope he had a lot of fun at the Mardi Gras and I want a life size poster of him in that outfit.

    • Adam’s pants weren’t gay? I dunno. I think his pants must definitely be attracted to other pants of the same gender to be that tight. There’s a reason David Bowie said he felt like he was a closeted heterosexual. Glam is wonderfully gay.

      But the whole thing with this site, is we find the gay in EVERYTHING. Which is why everything is great. We’re kind of all about the gay…

      • When I say “we” I say it as part of the AS community of readers, I’m not in anyway involved directly w/the site. Just to clarify.

        • Yes we know all about Glam Rock. And we know that one of the best things about the Glam Rock moniker is its dedication to freedom of sexuality and gender presentation, as well as a heavy dose of camp and satire.

          “Glam rock proper” began with Marc Bolan. From the get-go androgyny was one its basic tenements, as was, later, bisexuality (or at least the “image” of bisexuality). David Bowie, one of Glam Rock’s most visible icons, is bisexual. Bolan’s image was coined “faux gay space alien,” a term people now use to talk about Adam.

          However, Adam Lambert has the unique opportunity of starting his career in the genre of Glam Rock at a time when being gay is no longer illegal or totally frowned upon or apparently too scary to record labels. He’s one of the first solo artist glam rockers with a mainstream following who’s been out from the get-go who we can use the “gay” adjective about without sounding like we are trying to “out” anyone.

          It’s really a beautiful thing, which is part of why we love him despite that i’m sure it’s annoying to our readers who aren’t Glambert fans. But, as an actual Glambert fan, it’s kind of sad that you want to separate “glam rock” from “gay” like “gay” is some nasty word that needs to get off your genre. it’s 2010!

          When glam rock legends The New York Dolls were at their peak, record labels were still wary of signing them because they were homophobic and afraid the Dolls seemed too gay or too gender-flexible (even though they weren’t actually gay). So they took the band to the UK to see if they’d have better luck over there. The night a UK record label was finally going to sign them, their drummer died of a drug overdose. They replaced him and went on, but the impression that they were queer perverts b/c of how they presented themselves was a major challenge to commercial success. Because then, gay WAS a bad word. It was the WORST word.

          (read: Why Americans Don’t Get Glam Rock: basically how fear of the ‘gay’ prevented the US from embracing some of Glam Rock’s best work)

          And though we’re defo not in the clear, things are good enough that Adam can put on this gay-ass performance and not lose his fans or his record label.

          Be proud of him.

    • ianaleah, sweetie, i don’t know how to put this, but being a gay man performing at a gay event is actually pretty fucking gay. and thank goodness, considering this is a gay website and we’re all gay and we love gay stuff.

      ya know? YES HOMO.

    • Glam Rock and Rock in general co-opted a lot of the underground gay style and culture in the 70s and 80s. It was a little bit subversive, because it went over the heads of the straight fans in general, but the gay guys got it, and hopefully had a good laugh. Judas priest would be a great example of that. I can only imagine the straight headbanger boys shitting themselves and denying having ever been Priest fans back when Rob Halford finally came out. In conclusion Glam Rock is GAY at it’s heart – and so is Disco.

      • Doh! As I was posting this riese posted a much better explanation of my point. Read what she says above.

        • I’m glad you said it too, b/c that just proves that we’re RIGHT! Gay Glam Rock Power 4Ever!

  20. Autostraddle always cracks me up, well done!

    Yay Aussies (including the LBGTQ community) for loving and accepting Adam in all his freaky gay glory.

    Meanwhile, the pearl clutchers are dropping like flies.

    GAY! GAY! GaygaygaygayGAY!

  21. Is this really happening? IS THIS REAL LIFE?! People coming to a gay website acting as if we are the people they need to defend him from. Sigh.

    Anyway, love that outfit. I am adding him to the list of artists I’d like to see live. However, I don’t know if his tours would be this.. should i say it.. gay? That would be awesome.

    Lost Bois was great. Love Weir as always.

    Ah I have something to say about every section of this post. Love it.

  22. What the heck?

    I see a lot of comments from Autostraddle members attacking us Glamberts. I believe the offending statement came from someone who frequents Autostraddle.

    I don’t see any Glamberts attacking you or the way you’ve described Adam.

    Really, if you guys are that sensitive, you might want to put a Seseme Street bandaid on your little booboo.

    • I see a lot of people attacking autostraddle for the way they’ve described adam.

      exhibit a:

      “I didn’t think Adam was too gay at all – the guy dancers were a bit gay but Adam wasn’t. This performance was really mild considering the venue. Adam was perfect – he basically stood singing perfectly while the dancers did their thing all around him. Adam was not risque at all. The writer of this article is really stretching the truth making it sound alot more gay than it was. Adam’s outfit was gorgeous as was Adam himself.”

      exhibit b:

      “Of course the news writer would use such a title “gayer” to get attention. There is nothing gay in that performance. It’s only hot and sexy. Adam is a phenomenal singer and performer.
      Glad that in this world there would be a place where artists could go and kill it : )
      Oooo I can’t wait to see this guy performe live!!”

      exhibit c:

      “Another 8th grade reporter. Gotta love it. Can’t people afford to pay actual reporters? Hope Adam dresses like that for his next show in the States!!!!”

      exhibit d:

      “Glam Rock Style actually ! It’s actually not ‘gay’ and Adam’s performance wasn’t gay in the least, it was just sexy, some of the ‘dancers’(amateurs) did gay dancing moves. Adam was busy singing and making sure he went to all four directions -fans were on all sides- his singing was outstanding and it was a Glam Rock all the way.I hope he had a lot of fun at the Mardi Gras and I want a life size poster of him in that outfit.”

      If anyone is still reading this what I want to know is why people are trying to pretend Adam isn’t gay?

      Also read Riese’s comment about Glam Rock. I think she did her research very thoroughly, thanks.

  23. BTW, get a clue. You might want to check out my twitter feed where you will see a lot of us straight females who revel in the way Adam flaunts his gayness.

    Thankyou. Don’t be mad at us. Just do your research first before attacking.

    • we do check out twitter and we love the straight females reveling in the way Adam flaunts his gayness! where are we attacking you or straight Glambert fans? I personally would never ever do that.

      The reason we assume people who left the defamatory comments are adam lambert fans who came to the site just for this article rather than regular autostraddle readers is because they don’t know this is a gay site. I think that’s a safe assumption.

      I don’t think there was any attacking happening here, except of people attacking us for using the word “gay” and us defending that word and Adam. Probably just a misscommunication… we LOVE the Glambert fans, for real. That’s why it’s sort of hurtful when even a handful of them think we have anything against their idol considering we pretty much worship him, despite the fact that a lot of regular Autostraddlers find it irritating.

      This site is meant to be inclusive. It looks at things from a queer perspective but everyone who works here would never want anyone who isn’t gay to feel unwelcome. I can’t speak for the entire community, but I can speak for my editors, and we welcome & embrace all ye straights.

  24. Oh hey you guys, I was there! I went to the Sydney Mardi Gras and I saw Adam perform and I can tell you first-hand that it was pretty damn gay. What the video doesn’t show is him driving a few thousand men and women wearing nothing but glitter and hotpants absolutely wild. He was the special guest at the largest Pride event in the world, that’s a big deal.

  25. sometimes i wonder if people who find this site read the articles at all before they comment. he’s very gay. the performance was very gay. we like the gay. this is a gay site. Autostraddle aren’t attacking anyone here. jeeze.

  26. How can anyone say that performance wasn’t gay? It was incredibly gay. And even if I weren’t a huge (non-Glambert) Adam fan, I still would have loved it. <3


  27. Where’s Alex? I need to just agree with her thoughts on that Adam Lambert video because I can’t form my own right now.

    • hahah HI RACHEL!!

      I had SO MANY feelings about Adam Lambert’s amazing display of vocal-gymnastics, glam, and faggotry but then I read some of these ridiculous comments and now my head and my heart hurt!

      • HI ALEX!

        Okay but, can we talk about his pants? Because that’s where I got tripped up.

  28. I love the lost bois video and the fact that they mentioned my favorite children’s book of all time (The Giving Tree).

  29. I didn’t say anyone attacked me personally, however, there are a few people on here that expressed their displeasure that some “glamberts” have made their way onto this site.

    I guess I should’ve named names to cut down on the confusion.

    Tina said:
    …dude, it was at a gay mardi gras. I’m pretty sure he was trying to make it a gay performance. Calm down, Glamberts, calling it gay is not an attack.

    • Oh, I think that was another Glambert who said that? Like she was speaking to her people? But I’m not sure. I didn’t take it that way though, the way, whatever the commenter’s intent.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that statement (whether it was from an Autostraddler or a Glambert or a Glambert-Autostraddler) was directed at those Glamberts who already posted as though calling it gay were an attack and not the Glambert community at large.

      I would hardly consider that an attack and it certainly doesn’t qualify as lots of comments. It doesn’t say Glamberts aren’t welcome at all – it is directly addressing the issue of whether there was anything gay about the performance. I don’t think I’ve seen any site not directly devoted to Adam that has more love for him than Autostraddle.

      I love seeing straight people read/comment on Autostraddle – the site has a broad appeal. But it is irritating when new visitors (not you, Stacie, speaking generally here) comment seemingly without realizing we use the word gay with LOVE.

  30. Great Article:-)

    I think people get upset with the word “gay” because they don’t like the label and stereotype of it….. I mean – for example – I listened to an interview with Adam and a radio station and this girl asked Adam if he had good “gaydar” and then asked him if the guy next to her was gay – because he goes to the opera and gets pedicures. The guy was like “I’m straight” – and he was. It bothers me when people stereotype…I don’t think being gay is bad or the word is bad – to me it’s like the eye color you are born’s just a sexual preference..not all gay/straight people think and act the same way..we are all humans we are all different.. I think that is why we still have a LONG way to go before the gay lifestyle is totally accepted without a second thought. The fact this is even an issue or that I have written a really long paragraph on it says a lot…we have a long way to go. I think people are sensitive because some of us are new to this. I am. I didn’t really think much about what people who are gay go through…verrrry ignorant of me…until Adam – I mean it didn’t matter to I me it’s like the eye color you are born with…but Adam opened up my world to what teenagers, young people..adults..go through…and I get defensive over him I admit it. I have a son who is 8 and I don’t know..he could be gay…before I never would have thought of I do…and I now raise him with that in mind…I want to do more for gay rights..what I’m not sure but I do want to get involved…but like I said..I’m new. I think a lot of us are since Adam came a long. At least I am. Anyway…I loved the article and wish I could have been there! I can’t wait until he tours here:-)

  31. I was born and raised in Australia and moved to Connecticut as a teenager. Never going to Sydney Mardi Gras was a really poor life decision but one day I hope future wife and I will go and it’ll be soooo gay.

    P.S. Someone tell Emily I have a totally adorable Australian accent.

  32. Sometimes I think one of Adam’s biggest assets is really just that he’s one of the only Idol standouts who isn’t like a lost puppy when they get on stage ’cause he’s been performing for SO long and sang in front of soooo many people. Usually they tend to go for people with no training, and Adam is proof that yeah, there’s something to be said for experience. He is at ease up there. I think some of these kids no matter how talented they are just never really get over the stage fright or the awe in a way. I don’t know why I just had this thought, and why I am sharing it at 1AM when I was about to go to sleep. Hm. It’s just that this experience enables him to feel confident taking risks, and that’s really really awesome.

  33. Adam did an awesome performance. Loved his outfit, and yes I would say it was a gay outfit for a gay crowd because he is a beautiful gay man. He had a sparkly cod piece, there’s the clue, and poured into those pants. Sexy. I’m a straight female, but the title of the article pulled me in and I enjoyed the article. Of course Adam knew he would end up on Youtube, and don’t you just love how he doesn’t give a f**k (just like you said). Love his honesty and his powerhouse voice, among other things. Who the he** knows what he’ll do on his own tour. That is the true beauty of our Mr. Lambert. He has described himself as a nice rebel. There is room enough in this big world for all of us to love Adam. The more the merrier. And, yes a change is coming, and Adam is helping by being himself and being honest. Love & peace.

  34. I am confused by the contention between some of these comments.

    Some people think he put on a very gay show, but some people didn’t think it was that gay.

    Then the very-gays were a bit upset with the not-that-gays because they felt the NTGs’ denial of performance-gayness was undermining his person-gayness (which was a bit odd to me anyway, as I read the first comments about the not-that-gayness as if they were disappointed and maybe they live in massive hyper-camp pink palaces and so Lambert’s performance really was relatively not that gay).

    To paraphrase the old adage: gayness is in the eye of the beholder. We all filter things subjectively and our minds naturally home in on the different things that appeal to us. A performance can be gay, straight, glam, whatever – all these things at the same time depending on what we choose to take from it. I don’t think people should be criticised just because they think that a man in tight black pvc thrusting his codpiece at his writhing semi-naked male dancers is not very gay. However, they should accept that the filter on this site is very much set to full-focus gayness.

    1. Everyone is right! Yay!

    2. Reading the word gay repeatedly makes your brain go all mushy

    3. Not reading AS for a weekend and then consuming many comments in one digest is really tricky to, um, digest. I was in a canoe (autopaddling, not autostraddling), which was fun, but canoes don’t have internet so I’m not convinced.

  35. I ADORE how gay Adam is! It makes him even more hot!!! Can I be your token straight girl. . . please??? I’m having so much fun here. :-)

  36. Adam Lambert is the most alpha gay man out there and yet he has a flair for androgeny – the dude is the new Glam gawd for sure. I think it is something needed in this country (US) that takes itself way to seriously and needs to get over its puritanical roots and open its proverbial mind. Johnny Weir is fun – Adam Lambert is a Mega Star.

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