Adam Lambert FCC Complaints Revealed: “I’d Expect this Mexican ‘Boy’s Towns,’ But Not in the US”

GLAMBERT: Bless The Smoking Gun for doing the right thing and filing a Freedom of Information Act request with the FCC to obtain more than 5,000 complaints the FCC received following Adam Lambert’s late-night display of homosexy beeejerocity.

The Smoking Gun has pulled a few of the best ones — some are clearly liberal pranksters jerking the FCC’s chain, one person misidentifies Adam as a “lesbian,” some were writing just to say they enjoyed the performance and quite a few actually found the entire show offensive, which is nice, the equal opportunity prude reigns supreme. Oh yeah, and then there’s the lady who is offended that Taylor Swift was subjected to perform with such perverts, and wishes death upon ABC.

SKINS: Kathryn Prescott tells DIVA magazine: “”I think teenagers now are very accepting of gays and lesbians. When you hear someone say something homophobic it really ages them. It sounds old-fashioned.” Also, “although Kathryn, 18, has a boyfriend, she does admit in the February issue of Diva magazine that her boyfriend looks like another big lesbian icon: ‘I think my boyfriend looks like La Roux!’ (@queersighted)

ELLEN: Simon Cowell & Ellen DeGeneres talk homophobia in Entertainment Weekly’s cover story; Simon says he doesn’t believe in being PC and Ellen says she thinks political correctness is important ’cause there is still homophobia and racism in the world. But that she’s more concerned about animal rights. The full issue hits the stands on January 8th, which is like today, basically.

Ellen: Simon, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you – I’m gay.
Cowell: Are you serious? No one told me that. Let me tell you something: We are the least racist, homophobic show in the world.

CYNTHIA NIXON: This week Cynthia Nixon will be kicking off a campaign to repeal Florida’s ban on gays and lesbians adopting in Miami. The Florida ban is the only law in the country that categorically prohibits gay men and lesbians from adopting children. (@baywindows)

GLEE: The list of songs for the Madonna-themed episode of Glee has leaked! My bet is on Rachel handling the “Like a Virgin” honors. (@gleefan)

DON’T GO CHASIN’ LESBIANS: Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, one of the original members of R&B group TLC, went on the defensive early this week when Atlanta-based gossip blogger Sandra Rose tried to call her sexuality into question: Do you want me Sandra Rose – is that it boo? Don’t try to make me be on your team. I’m strickly dickly.” (@blackgaygossip)

GLAMBERT: An announcement on Oprah’s web site is calling for all crazy Adam Lambert fans to be in the studio audience for his big upcoming appearance on the show. (@advocate)

THE L WORD: Jennifer Beals’ L Word Book Update: Looks like the book is now scheduled to be released later this month. Also; StuntDouble over at AfterEllen has created an L Word version of Twister.  (@afterellen)

LETTERMAN: GLAAD & HRC are demanding an apology from David Letterman over the  skit that mocked Obama appointee, Amanda Simpson, this week. (@pamshouseblend)

NINE: The reviews are in and it looks like Chicago was so much gayer than Nine. What did you think of Nine? (@gracethespot)

CASEY: The Ex-Girlfriend Twitter Battle to Say Goodbye to Casey Johnson: “We get it. You both loved this girl, and you’ll miss her desperately. But there is no Twitter in heaven, and your competition to fawn the most over your fallen lover is excruciating.” (@queerty)

KATHY GRIFFIN SVU: Kathy Griffin has been filming her episode of Law & Order: SVU this week, where she plays a lesbian activist.

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  1. Lol t-boz is hilarious,I could see why they would think she was a lesbian, TLC was all about strong women and I guess the way they dressed could also make someone question their sexuality,but I don’t think t.boz was gay but left eye,I believe was gay

    U know usually I am so against tila but the media etc are being really cruel towards her

    Oh and rachel I think it was rachel that I went on the back and forth thing about perez,I have to say u was right about spreadin b.s

    He went on a rampage saying that tila was already doing interviews etc but people magazine and a few others confirmed that tila has been rejecting all interviews

    So perez def lied and manipulated that situation

    Adam lambert is cute to look at,I mean when you mute your t.v he’s great to see, but gay or straight his music is horrible

    Since oprah and tyra is ending, ellen will be the Queen of day time television which is soooo good,I love her

  2. Adam Lambert’s “lesbian status” is my new favorite thing on earth. If only, eh?

    Those FCC complaints are, frankly, hilarious. Particularly the person who seems to think the Nazis were all about the gay sexin’.

  3. I can’t stop laughing at the complaint where the lady’s wishing death on ABC for subjecting Taylor Swift and all the other normal people to gay sex.

  4. “The only way to rewatch The L Word is drunk and tangled up in a pile of lesbians.”
    So true.

    Kathy Griffin = lesbian activist, doesn’t sound too shabby.

  5. Speaking of the L Word, I love how my mother sneaked away with my Season 5 dvd and went to work with it. I’m pretty sure she was almost fired. She was so in shock that she called me and asked if Jennifer Beals was the reason why I was gay.

    The answer is: OF COURSE, MA!

    It is safe to say that she will not want to see this book in our personal library should I decide to buy it.

  6. Is it weird that “all the freaky people” in the Taylor Swift lady’s complaint sounded like a club shoutout in my head? Yes, it is. And I would be extremely pleased if Kurt got to sing Like A Virgin, just imagine it srsly

    • haa and then when they capitalized OUT at the end I laughed hysterically.

      And good for Cynthia Nixon! Now we need to get on with repealing Act 1 in Arkansas- in it’s attempt to get around the court striking down a direct ban on LGBT adoption, it bans anyone who is unmarried and living with any other person from adopting. So, if your sister and brother-in-law die suddenly and you are already taking care of your mom, you won’t be able to adopt your own niece and nephew as well. GENIUS.

  7. T-Boz’s statement made me laugh alot more than it offended so…I’m gonna go listen to Creep and Waterfalls now and pretend I’m 7 years old again.

  8. ‘Nine’ was all kinds of weird: a Goddard-esque critique on artistic intent and its relationship to real life, a shallow visual/aural whirlwind of male and female heterosexual promiscuity, a lyrical and musical nightmare whilst also being sublime, and a style of directing at battle with itself whilst winning the viewer over just as often as not.

    Perhaps that’s the pretentious way of saying it was a bit wank. I’m just not sure.

  9. Those FCC comments blew me away. But not surprisingly, almost all of the comments contain incorrect spelling and misused words.

    So excited for the Glee – Madonna episode. Borderline and Burning Up!! Two of my favorite Madonna songs, hands down. So thrilled!

  10. I wish Ellen would be more concerned about homophobia and gay rights than she is animal rights. :(

    • I understand what she’s saying and I lurv her to death, but yea… I have to agree with you. I second Rachel the cat and her human.

      • I love her to death too, and it’s cool that she’s an animal rights activist as well – I mean, they deserve them too. But I feel like she’s one of the most popular faces of the gay community, everyone loves her, and I feel like it’d serve us well if she took more of a stand.

  11. The phrase “stickly dickly” is probably the nastiest thing I’ve heard next to the word “moist.” Does no one else shudder at that?

    • It’s “strictly dickly”, I believe. But I still agree that it’s kinda gross, just the same…

      • Yeah, I forgot that “r”. Guess I was just so disgusted I forgot how to type momentarily. Thanks for correcting that. The way T-Boz spells “strict” really bothers me as well.

  12. omg that L word twister is hilarious! it looks like tina kinnard in long johns is being mounted by marilyn manson as hamlet.

  13. “Ellen says she thinks political correctness is important ’cause there is still homophobia and racism in the world.”

    Hmmm, so I guess Ellen isn’t worried about sexism in the world then? Does her pretend penis and the fact that she seems to be the “man” in the relationship make her immuned!? Retire already.

    • 1. Not her responsibility to highlight all issues (there’s a reason why one shouldn’t color the whole text with neon yellow or use caps lock extensively).
      2. Not fitting into traditional gender norms can sometimes make you a subject to even more sexism, as you will both be considered less capable than your male counterpart AND unable to fill the role assigned to your sex.

  14. So… Skins: Crystal (or some other Autostraddler?), you’re recapping it when it start again (this month), right? The whole show, not just Naomi and Emily? Pretty please with a cherry on top? I’ll even bat my eyelashes and flip my hair(it’s long and naturally blond)? No…?

    • Oh man, I almost forgot! Thank you for the reminder! (and thank you for letting my computer pretend to be an English TV)

  15. Finally got around to reading the FCC complaints. I am curious about the lady with the gay brother-in-law …

    • I think that person was kidding, right? I thought that was one of the joke complaints, it was hard to tell.

      • It was hard to tell. My final decision was she wasn’t joking. Whoever it was, was from Alabama. After putting entirely too much thought into it, I decided it is more of an ex-brother in law situation.

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