Apocalypse Now: Comment Awards

I refuse to talk about anything this week other than Harry Potter/the world ending. I feel so many equal signs and open parentheses about this situation. I should probably exercise; I hear it makes you happy. Magical things did happen this week. Annika and Sebastian answered more of your trans* questions and Rachel provided a comprehensive guide to scary Republicans, complete with death eater comparisons. Taylor explained Google+ (with invites!) and Crystal praised Just Kids. In the world of entertainment, Jessie J likes girls and is cool as a cucumber, Jess is at LA’s LGBT Film Festival, and a Sarah cooked to Puccini for Beginners. Finally, Riese recapped True Blood and The L Word. And now the ASS group of the week:

Harry Potter Appreciation Society

Wait, were you expecting some other group? This is Harry Potter Week! We know you have a lot of feelings about the premiere so I suggest you get your muggle ass over to this group and share them. And remember that while it may turn out to be the apocalypse, we’ve got you covered in case it isn’t with these post-Harry Potter survival tips. Also, Pottermore will be a thing soon! Rejoice!

On Julie Goldman & Coach Beiste Will Be On “Drag U” Tonight Getting a Glamazon Makeover:

The And Then She Did Award to Bani:

“can we liveblog this? ok i will with myself on autostraddle

On VIDEO – Little Boy Meets First Gay Couple:

The Inset Double Entendre About Balls Here Award to JfC:

“Disgusting. How will I explain to MY CHILD about ping pong?”

The Ellen Award for Excellence in Talk Shows to CMYKatelyn:

“My 8-year-old nephew was hosting his daily talk show, “The Alex Show With Alex,” from our couch, when he introduced me as “the lady kind of gay.” He went on to explain to his audience of Hot Wheels trucks that I loved his Aunt Jen, that that was OK, and that I was, indeed, a girl.
“The Alex Show With Alex” should hire this kid as a writer is basically what I’m saying.”

On New Sexual Orientation Study Suggests You Were Born This Gay:

The Beats Eat Beats Award to bookbound:

On No Longer Quivering: Women Recovering From “Christian Patriarchy”:

The Why Are You Talking About It? Award to Cassandra:

“Every time Autostraddle posts another article about one of my loves/fascinations/obsessions from the deep dark corners of the internet, my belief that I am secretly writing AS in a Fight Club-style split personality scenario grows stronger.”

The This Is Even Funnier If You Pronounce It “Jing-Er” Award to L.:


On Real L Word Episode 206 Recap: Baby Batter Up Up and Away:

The Chest Bump? Award to Evidux:

The See No Evil Hear No Evil Award to KayBee:

“This episode made me want to tear off my ears and use them to cover my eyes.”

On 2012 Republican Candidate Cheat Sheet:

The FYI I Would Recommend Reading the Music Video Description for This Song on Wikipedia Award to Kat:

It makes me feel better if, when I hear about Ron Paul, I think about Sean Paul instead. Then I think about Ron Paul rapping “tempterature,” and I can no longer argue logically and angrily about politics because I’m giggling too much.”

The Merlin’s Beard! Award to jifener25:

“I’m so glad to be part of a group where our version of “layman’s terms” is comparing everything to harry potter. bless the internet.”

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  1. Swish, another set-up lol Damn, my soccer days are coming back to haunt me… “Always a passer, never a scorer.”

      • Ahahahaha, so true.

        But does that mean I’ll never score on the girl-field either!? *sigh*

        • Oh I wouldn’t worry ’bout that- if you keep dazzling everybody with such flashes of wits, you’re bound to get slide-tackled!

  2. A chest bump is totally a legitimate rugby move and it’s exactly where I was going with that comment. So, very appropriate award. I am most honored!

  3. oh comment award! maybe i should actually register some day.

    (When the Duggars were on Good Morning America, the host pronounced it Jinger and Jim Bob and OfJimBob smiled very politely while the audience and host chuckled.)

  4. Got my question addressed in the trans* post, got a comment award. I think I win this website.

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