VIDEO – Little Boy Meets First Gay Couple

Jess’s Team Pick:

Check out this adorable boy’s pure and genuine reaction to meeting a gay couple for the first time. No pre-concieved notions, no judgment, no filter.

+ “I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I saw husbands and husbands!”
+ [Perplexed] “That is so funny!”
+ “So…that means you love each other…”

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  1. That is just what I needed to deal with today. This ENTIRE WEEK. I love how he was pointing with two fingers on both hands. Like that would help him get the concept faster. And it apparently did!

  2. SO CUTE! Also, this needs to be shown to all the paranoid straight parents out there who, for some reason, think kids will want to know ALL ABOUT GAY SEX when they find out about same-sex couples. Kids clearly know better than parents that relationships are first and foremost about love.

  3. Confused, working through the thought process, “so you love each other?” over it, i’m getting on with my life. Feel free to join me, because I ACCEPT YOU. Even though you’re much alike.

    This is like a fast forward version of the typical coming out process. You go kid, you ping pong with the gays!! and GOD SPEED!

  4. My 8-year-old nephew was hosting his daily talk show, “The Alex Show With Alex,” from our couch, when he introduced me as “the lady kind of gay.” He went on to explain to his audience of Hot Wheels trucks that I loved his Aunt Jen, that that was OK, and that I was, indeed, a girl.

    “The Alex Show With Alex” should hire this kid as a writer is basically what I’m saying.

  5. I want to play ping pong with this kid. ALL. THE. TIME. (You can play too if you want to…)

    I work with young people, and I’m hopeful about what they believe about equality. It really is this simple, and from what I can tell many of them get that it’s simple even when their society (ie politicians, religious figures, and idiots on television) tells them its complicated.

  6. I love how kids that age don’t give a f*** and just go on with their lives with this new ‘data’ in mind. Like : toothpaste can be blue, but it can be green too. Oh, and boys can love boys, and girls can love girls. Now let’s play ping pong, shall we ?”
    My best friend’s little brother was 9 when she started dating a girl. She explained to him that she loved her and… that was all. Now he’s 12 and he even makes jokes about it when they’re together. It’s just so simple !

  7. I remember seeing this a couple of years ago, and one thing bothers me…The fact that it was removed by the uploader (one of the men in the video). It’s been removed again, but I’m just saying I don’t think they wanted to share that with so many people if they had to take it down the first time around.

  8. Just realised that if NOM get their hands on this, they’ll remix it and make another PSA about how confusing gays are for kids, editing out the part where he’s like
    “come on husbands, LET’S PLAY PING PONG!”

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