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    RAH! Drag U is my new favorite show, it makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. And tonight’s show most likely will make my head explode from happiness.

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      True story: Watching Ru and all the queens on Drag U talking to the ladies has done more for my self esteem than all the other crap I’ve tried. Go figure.

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    Oh my god, how did I not know this show existed this is incredible. And Julie Goldman’s on it holy fuck. Why don’t I have TV? Can I stream this somewhere? AAAAH

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    Bani, I don’t even know you but y/our impromptu live blog wins everything at the moment.

    AJ is adorable XD

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    It’s okay Julie when I wear heels I get in a state of delusion due to the pain and lack of blood going to my feet. My more femme really straight sister says “beauty is pain and we are masochists!”

    She says a lot of ummm interesting things.

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    I just happened to tune in and I was like WHOAMYGOD JULIE and ran to autostraddle because THIS IS HAPPENING I BET SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT

    and here you all are! so reliable, you straddlers and our straddling overlords.


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    i do wish this episode were a little more butch positive. like being femmey is a persona you can bring out when you want and play with, not something you have to turn into right now and forever. omg the song is up next bye

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    i thought about that, too, but i think the whole being transformed by drag queens thing (as opposed to like, FAAB femmes) suggests that the butch in a dress is also playing with femme performance, not trying to become femme forever because butch is bad.

    also it helps a lot that the brand of femme they turn them into isn’t normative/traditional at all. it’s prettttyyyy queer.

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    yeah totally, that’s a great point. i watch this show like evangelicals go to church so i am tuned into the queerness overload of it

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    this is my first episode! do they teach all contestants to be drag queeny, or do they teach other forms of queerness?

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    Huh. I thought for sure it would be between Julie and Skylar.
    The “Julie’s friends” moment was definitely exciting, because it was unexpected. Just like when Julie was on Bones. It’s like OMG THIS PERSON IS ON MY TV RIGHT NOW WHAT!?

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