VIDEO – Real L Word Worlds Collide: Nikki & Jill Meet Kacy & Cori

Riese’s Team Pick:

What happens when Jill and Nikki meet Kacy and Cori? Does everyone get married and give birth to ten babies and a chandelier?! The answers lie inside this video (which you can also see on Nikki & Jill’s Facebook page)

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  1. There is really nothing to say other than THIS might be one of the funniest 2:35 minutes of my LIFE. Mocking IFC’s “creativity” + Seinfeld = Perfection!


  2. Thank you for sharing this! I laughed so hard. “Baby batter? Yeah… we use that one a LOT.”

    It’s also nice to see the girls having a laugh at themselves for TRLW. I think, at this point, most of the cast members have learned to roll with it.

  3. Yes! I was going to say this made my day.. But then I remembered that I just received my as t-shirt in the mail earlier today.. And that totally won.. This is awesome too though.. ;)

  4. Fantastic!

    Bette and Tina could’ve tooootally been added to that montage. Just sayin..
    A clear indication of how ‘pioneering and creative’ IFC truly is..

  5. I honestly just cried a little bit with laughter, and that doesn’t happen often. I like how the TRLW people all mock TRLW

  6. I assumed that if these two couples met, the lesbiverse would explode. And it did. With laughter.
    I see Jikki and Kory going on rowing boats and 2 man cycle rides though the park, takings speaker phone calls and high fiving while “happy together” plays in the background.
    Is it possible to have a four way lesbian merge? HELL YEAH IT IS.

  7. This was so freaking hilarious, I love that they have a sense of humor about it and can make fun of themselves.

  8. This was awesome lol Especially when Romi comes in out of nowhere with “Bus money! And sex! And get a job! don’t drink!” lol Priceless

  9. I’m sure they are very lovely people but I must admit, Kacy&Cori are my least favorite (and thats saying something) characters on the real l word. Honestly I hadn’t even bother to learn their names up to this point and sort of mentally referred to them as the borings. Why do they only talk about sperm and pregnancy? Isn’t one of the highlights of lesbianism not having to think about sperm or getting pregnant? It’s just suhhhh boring. Suhh. Suh. Boring. And when they do get pregnant that’s all they will talk about because that’s what pregnant people do and I hate it. Then they’ll finally pop out the spawn and all they will talk about it pooping and peeing and whoopsies look he just turned over. Ugh. I can’t.

    I’m sorry pleasant lesbian couple, but I have no fucks to be given about sperm, insemination, pregnancy, and babies.

  10. idea – condense The Real L Word to 2.5 minutes & then replace it with a longer even more amazing full show version of things like this video. probably, we’d have to dismantle IFC’s throne first, but hey, shoot for the stars.

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