Riese’s Team Pick: Julie Goldman in BONES Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of a popular television program called BONES. My Mom says it’s about a forensic anthropologist who works at the Smithsonian and also works with the FBI to solve mysteries that involve bones. Also “the woman who’s pregnant is bisexual and had a lesbian love affair with someone in college” and “there’s a whole murder-mystery book series.” More importantly, somewhere around the 35 minute mark the role of “mannish lesbian” is played by none other than Autostraddle’s very own JULIE GOLDMAN.

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  1. My cry of “OMG I KNOW THAT PERSON FROM THE INTERNET” when she showed up thoroughly creeped out my mother.

  2. Thank you for the shout out. I really appreciate the support – this was very sweet and thoughtful and made me feel really good…GOsh Riese! BUt really – Can you believe this shit? Now – lets Hope TINA WINSTON, Mannish Woman ( literal description of the character) gets a spinoff called. “LEZ’ n OUT”. Imagine – TINA WINSTON – Captain of the “Fur Burgler” bowling team and Crime Solving Vigilante. During the day she bowls strikes and keep the team together and at night – The all female team including “Mancy ” The Transexual Telepath Shape Shifter, and “Hopper Mcleary” – The one legged Lesbian Vietnam vet who pilots the Helicopter – solve unsolved crimes against women and kill the men perps in secret. Its a dream. But I think Hollywood is ready.

  3. Grr, I can’t see it because of international content restrictions, damn you Hulu! However, congratulations Julie, I am sure you played the role of “mannish lesbian” with your usual suaveness and class :)

    • It was great. She said “I’m not okay with that” and it was awesome. I wish you could see it.

  4. I was so caught off guard at seeing Julie Goldman hit on Bones I just sat there gaping at the screen totally unable to remember her name.

  5. Julie Goldman in Bones was amazing!

    But the rest of Bones….I can’t even. Season finale. What. No. Noooooo.

    • Yeah, Julie Goldman was awesome, there are no words for the rest of it (or at least no words other than an angry rant).

  6. Ah! I shouted my effing screen y’all! Shouted “that’s Julie fucking Goldman.” God, I need a life, because that made me way too happy.

  7. I too shouted at my screen. My family had no idea why I was pschyed. Talk about gay pride, I had that. She was awesome.

  8. It’s about time something good happned on bones. My brother makes me watch its with him and I would have missed Julie if he didn’t say “hey you know her”.
    me: Yes, adam I know every lesbian, everywhere.
    brother: She is on autoscrabble. (I dont know why he calls it auto scrabble but whatever)

    Anyway good job julie :)

  9. I watched this with my dad last night, and when I saw Julie Goldman I got really excited and then had to attempt to explain to my father who this person was. As expected, he was confused.

  10. i totaly scared my pour sleeping mom when i scream’d OMG THATS JULIE! loved you on the show :)

  11. I haven’t watched this show in a year or two. Then discovered AS. Then idolized Julie Goldman. Watched two minutes of the show that happened to contain JG [fate!]. Then somewhat shouted OMG THAT’S JULIE GOLDMAN! Drew questions from mom, “who is that?” Answer “She’s a [super mega awesome foxy hilarious] comedian.” Scuttle into other room and bask in hilarity of life.

  12. I watched that ep this morning and squeaked “It’s Julie!” really loudly when she came on screen. There were some people over at our house to pick up the generator they’d bought from us and everyone looked at me weird. Whatever. They’re just not cool enough to know what’s what.

  13. Love Julie! But why does every lez part have to involve hitting on a straight woman?

  14. Thank GAWDDESS for you, Autostraddle! I saw this hot butch and was like “WHO ARE YOU?!” Because butches are basically the unicorns of television. or maybe the loch ness monster. Anyway. For some stupid reason, she’s not listed on the IMDB episode page.

  15. I saw this and was like…JULIE…check autostraddle during the episode, there was nothing here and I was like WHAT? WHY DIDN’T YOU KNOW???

  16. Dammit Hulu!! Video access shouldn’t have boundaries. This is the internet. I have to pay for the internet, why shouldn’t that count?

    Yay for Julie! Wish I could watch this. (someone upload this to youtube please!!)

  17. I haven’t enjoyed Bones in a very long time and this episode was pretty terrible but I stuck it out. For JULIE GOLDMAN.

  18. To make this even more perfect, when I watched the episode there was a Kia commercial with Brandy in it.

  19. JULIEEEEEEEEEE! Pat couldn’t understand why I was whooping and laughing. Gonna have to buy this ep…..

  20. My family has been following this show for a long time, and I was so infuriated over the episode the androgynous researcher, but I just so happened to be in the room when this came on and I was all “HOLY SHIT IT’S JULIE GOLDMAN” and my family was all “Okay, honey, that’s…great?”

    I feel like everybody on Autostraddle has one of these stories now.

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